Sunday, February 1, 2009

1995 Tombstone Pizza Quarterbacks

This 12 card set was part of a Tombstone Pizza promotion.  Single cards were included with frozen pizzas and with a few proof of purchase labels and perhaps a few dollars you could get the whole set.  They're currently selling for a buck or so on ebay.

Quarterbacks in the set are:
* Ken Anderson
* Terry Bradshaw
* Len Dawson
* Dan Fouts
* Bob Griese
* Billy Kilmer
* Joe Namath
* Jim Plunkett
* Ken Stabler
* Bart Starr
* Joe Theismann
* Johnny Unitas

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  1. aw your question on Granderson's card blog about sportlots.
    When you type in the player's name and have the year you want checked it shows all cards available from that year. Find the one you want, click to expand. Find the dealer you want, click details. This takes you to another page.
    On right click search this player by seller. That is it.