Saturday, February 28, 2009

The man who never ages

Apparently Topps had no money in the late 1960s to hire photographers...

1968 Topps - Earl Wilson (card #160)

1969 Topps - Earl Wilson (card #525)

1970 Topps - Earl Wilson (card #95)

I left the following as part of a comment over at a blog I've started to read, Lake Effect Baseball Cards (which I like very much - but has left the blogosphere as of December, 2010).
I'm starting to collect Earl Wilson (1960's pitcher). I think that I'm going to start with only the Topps regular set issued cards.

There are quite a bit of 'extra' cards out there. Bottle caps, superballs, posters... things that were big in the '60s. If I should come across them for cheap, yeah, maybe. This will help me stay focused.
I've started to assemble a checklist for Mr. Wilson.  It is a work in progress, not yet completed.  I'm not sold on the format I'm using.  Basically, it is a quick reference tool for me.  And yes, some of the images were lifted from ebay.

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  1. Wow. That may be an even better example of Topps recycling photos than what I noticed. I still can't imagine that even then they wouldn't have a different photo that they could have used for at least one of those years to break up the monotony a little. Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed checking out your take on this.