Friday, August 31, 2012

Football Night in Tennessee

Last Friday night was the home opener for The King's Academy High School football team.

My boy? #51. Edison plays center and defensive line.

A bit of holding, perhaps?

They lost to Cosby, 41-14.  Tonight they play Tri-Cities.  Local sports guys are split on who will win.  Edison thinks that TKA will.  I'll go with my boy.

He's one of the captains of the team this year.  He says, "Dad, I'm one of four seniors.  We're all captains and I'll be a captain all year long."  I'm still proud of him.  His play is tough and his encouragement, both on and off the field, is one of kindness and help.  He's at every practice when he's in town and would be in on every play if the coaches would let him.  He's out there most of the time, except when he needs a breather.

This is what I'll be doing on Friday nights this semester.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

images courtesy of my sister-in-law, Lori Higgins

Monday, August 27, 2012

Food City Race Night - the aftermath

Hmmm, I thought that they'd have cards. Nope. Lots of cars, great music, sponsor giveaways, but I didn't see any trading cards.

Carwise, probably the highlight of the show was the Trevor Bayne 'We Back Pat' car honoring Pat Summit.

Oversized food was everywhere.  Vienna Sausage was sponsoring a Pit Crew challenge.  You had the opportunity to change a tire with an air wrench.  I didn't try.  But I did eat a sausage.  Yum.

Who doesn't like the General Lee?  Cooter's Place is just up the road.

Ah, baseball.  A respite in the sea of gas fumes.

Dale Jr.'s car.

Andy Armadilo, the Texas Roadhouse mascot.  If that doesn't scare you...

... maybe Twinky the Kid will.

Or a real live mermaid.

Local short tracks provided a few drivers.  This is Robbie Comer's car.  He races at 411 Motor Speedway, just down the road from my house, about five miles.  He graciously gave me two tickets for an upcoming race.  He's got a new fan.

I was invited to the show by my friend Darrell Webb.  Here's a video I shot of him performing with Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad.

All in all it was fun hour and a half. That same day my cell phone died, so had to get a new one. While I was at it, I made arrangements for my wife to get one as well. Of course, nothing is easy when people and stores are on the other side of town.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Food City Race Night

This Friday is the Food City 250 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Which means that tonight is the Food City Race Night in Knoxville. Sort of a fan fest. I've been wanting to go for years, but I have the opportunity to go this evening.

My friend, Darrell Webb, will be playing guitar with Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad. Darrel is releasing his second CD this weekend. I'll get to see his band perform at Seymour Heights Christian Church on Sunday night.

Highlights of this evening's Race Night will be Trevor Bayne and Pat Summit.  Trevor is racing in the "We Back Pat" # 60 Roush Fenway car.

There will be opportunities for photos and autographs.  I'm taking my camera.  We'll see what happens.

Here's a Jeff Burton card.  He won't be there, but will be racing at Bristol this weekend.

1995 Upper Deck
Jeff Burton (card # 26)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Backgammon and Cribbage

Trying to figure out what to post I grabbed by big binder-o-cards. These two cards were screaming out, "Please scan us." I had to oblige.  It took me a moment to remember why I had these in the binder.  The cards are different.  Blue PADRES vs. white PADRES.  I hadn't looked at these in so long I had forgotten which was the error card.  A bit of googling brought me to Andy's 88 Topps Cards blog for the answer.

1988 Topps
Keith Comstock (card # 778)

1988 Topps
Keith Comstock (card # 778)

So, Keith likes backgammon and cribbage.  So do I, but I didn't spend 12 years in the minors saying, "15 for two." "His nobs."  "Muggins."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Baseball Cards

I found a few cards that I like in the brick-o-cards I purchased several weeks ago.

I like the simplistic design of the Donruss, with the team accent color on the front.

2005 Donruss Classic
Juan Pierre (card # 83)

Interesting to note that Cy Young never won a Cy Young award.

2000 Upper Deck Legends
Reflections in Time
Cy Young / Pedro Martinez  (card # R2)

I do like the hitting breakdown for Pat.  He didn't have a great year, but if I were Larry Bowa, I'd keep him out until the middle innings.

2004 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft
Pat Burrell (card # 7)

See, I'm getting back to semi-normal.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

NASCAR Favoritism

I know that there is Roush-Fenway racing, but it appears that there is also some sort of NASCAR-National League New York team connection.

1998 Press Pass
Mike Trower (card # 68)
1998 Press Pass
Steve Spahr (card # 80)
1998 Press Pass
Patrick Donahue (card # 70)
1998 Press Pass
Ray Everham  (card # 72)

Normally I show the backs cards.  They're pretty much the same.  Same photo of the car getting serviced in the pits, per team.  Just the crew member's name and circle photo get changed.  Well, the number, too.

Friday, August 10, 2012

1995 Donruss Red Zone

I stopped in at the Antiques and Collectibles shop in south KnoxVegas last night on my way to one of the high school football jamborees.

I came across something that I've not encountered.  Cards from a football card game.  Sort of like MLB Showdown 2000.  Sort of.  There were cellophane packs with two player cards and a card describing the game.  I picked up four packs. 

Here are two Hall of Famers.  I see on Beckett and ebay where the cards have numbers but I can't find them on the card.  Maybe they are unnumbered, but listed sequentially.  I don't know.

Barry Sanders, looking as lost as I am.
"Do I kick?  Am I injured?  A penalty and extra yards?"
COMC has Barry booking at $20.  I paid a lot less.  A lot less.

Dan Marino looking as lost as Barry is.
"Pass or Run?  What is a FADD?  Can I kick?"
Any reader want to help me out with the numbering system?  Or would you admit to playing this back in the day?  Did you understand it?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Newly released LP

featuring Milwaukee First Baseman and USA Olympic Shot Putter

And this is the inspiration.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Collect Auctions - August Catalog

Another auction catalog showed up in my mailbox last week.  I selected a few non-sports items that would be fun to own.  As usual, I'm not bidding on these, just having nice day dreams.

Why not go with the sports items?  Although there are some very nice items offered, I found myself going back to my standards: Vintage, Negro Leagues, a bit of hockey.  Since the ladies over at Dinged Corners recently posted about pop culture, I thought I'd go that direction.  Welcome back, Patricia and Lucy.

Let me show you what I'd bid on if I had some spare cash and had a place to display them...

Title: James Caan Signed 8x10 Framed Photo
Lot #: 897
Description: This framed and matted 8x10 photo features James Caan and is signed in blue felt tip pen. It arrives with a nameplate below with Caan's name and "Rollerball" and the signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $50
Current Bid: $0
My Thoughts: James Caan.  Many might know him from his acting in Brian's Song, The Godfather, Misery, or Elf, I first saw him in Rollerball, one of my favorite sci-fi movies.  I think that he first defined bada** for me.  No, I haven't seen the Rollerball remake.  James Caan is still making movies.

Title: Pete Best Signed Guitar - Original Beatles Drummer
Lot #: 455
Description: This Squier Fender mini red and white guitar is signed by former Beatles drummer, Pete Best. Best has inscribed his signature with "The Beatles" next to it in black felt tip pen. The signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $100
Current Bid: $100
My Thoughts: I'm currently reading Paul McCartney: Many Years From Now by Barry Miles.  I didn't really follow the Beatles, but I remember when Hey, Jude was released in 1968 and also remember the Yellow Submarine rub on stickers that came with some cereal.  I just never got into them.  The book is interesting, especially with the early history of the group.  Sort of sad that Best got sacked just two years into the gig.  He's currently playing in Europe.

Title: Fay Wray Signed 8x10 "King Kong" Photo
Lot #: 891
Description: A signed 8x10 photo of Fay Wray is available in this lot. The photo shows Wray in King Kong's clutches and is signed in black felt tip pen. The photo arrives in very fine condition and the signature is pre-certified by PSA/DNA.
Minimum Bid: $50
Current Bid: $0
My Thoughts: I saw King Kong in 1978.  Not on television, but projected onto a large screen.  Amazing what film makers could do in 1933.  Fay Wray died in 2004.  She's not signing any more.  A steal at this price.

Images and descriptions from  Used without permission.
Bids current as of August 6, 2012.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pat McGlothin at Smokies Park

Tuesday evening the Tennessee Smokies hosted the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.  The Smokies also honored Pat McGlothin.  Pat pitched for the Dodgers in 1949 and 1950.  His only catcher was Roy Campanella.  He was a team mate of  Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, and Jackie Robinson.  He faced Ted Williams seven times in one wartime military game, striking him out five times.  Ted never got got a hit.  Pat threw three no-hitters in his professional career.  He also managed the Smokies in 1954.  And he's a nice guy.

A few months ago several members of the East Tennessee SABR Chapter had lunch with Pat and interviewed him.  We wanted to support Pat so we met up at the ball park.

Ed and his son Will joined Diamond and Slugger, the Smokies' mascots.  Ed is a world class magician, focusing on close-up magic.  He recently won second place in the International Brotherhood of Magician's Gold Cups Close-up Contest.  He also has a fantastic collection of Negro League memorabilia.

Will Ripley, Diamond, Slugger, Ed Ripley

Joe Gallagher, sporting the Manhattan cap, was involved in the Mets broadcasting for many years.  George Aubrey, sporting the Moxie cap, is my father.  He is a SABR member, but resides in Arizona.

Joe Gallagher, Diamond, Slugger, George Aubrey

George watching Pat sign

Pat signed for about an hour and a half.  He was very gracious with his time, posing for photos, listening to people tell their stories, laughing along with them.

Ezra "Pat" McGlothin

Before the game started Adam Kline, the Smokies Director of Media Relations, gave us a tour of the press box where we met Mick Gillispie, Director of Broadcasting.  Both great baseball guys.  Thanks.
I'm not a fan of the Blue Wahoo's uniform numbers.

In the fourth inning, the sky started to turn dark and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees.  My dad and I decided it was best to leave.  They pulled the tarp out not long after we hit the concourse.

We actually made it out to the parking lot when I decided to call my dad back inside for a "put your head in the hole" photo.

I made arrangements to get another interview with Pat.  All in all a good night.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tennessee Football 2012 Pocket Schedule

Trying to find my own schedule once again, I'll start with an oldie, but goodie. Well, it isn't old, and I've seen better. This seems like an easier game schedule.  I'd like to see the Vols go 8-4 this season, but I'd put them more on a 6-6 level.  Maybe I could hope for a 7-5 season.