Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trade with Baseball Dad

I recently completed a trade with Baseball Dad.  Jack was very generous, and was able to knock a few Hershisers off of my want list.   And then he threw in some old timey type cards for fun.  Can anyone see what Jack saw in the four Conlon cards?  And, sometime back he offered up a mess of cards.  I claimed the Jason Dubois rookie.  He still can't figure out why I wanted it.  So, thanks, Jack, for being a good trader and a good blogger.

1996 Arby's Cleveland Indians
Orel Hershiser (card # 2)

1991 TSN Conlon Collection
Johnny Gooch  (card # 244)

1991 TSN Conlon Collection
Bob Smith  (card # 217)

1991 TSN Conlon Collection
John Stone  (card # 289)

1991 TSN Conlon Collection
Bennie Tate  (card # 220)

2012 Panini Cooperstown Collection
Alexander Cartwright (card # 9)

2002 Topps Pristine Refractor
Jason Dubois (card # 187)

2009 Press Pass Fusion
Orel Hershiser (card # 4)

2000 Upper Deck - Game Entry Card
Joe DiMaggio 1930's Game-Used Glove

Catching up with the Tarp-Nami guy

He's not just the Tarp-Nami guy, he has a name.  Philip Torbertt.  You might remember last year's viral video...

Philip was part of the grounds crew for the Smokies.  Now he's working at a local branch of US Bank.

I had to do a food run this morning.  This branch of US Bank recently opened in our Food City.   I stopped to ask about my son opening an account there and Philip asked about my 2012 Southern League All-Star Game hat.  The talk quickly turned to baseball and his 15 minutes of fame.

Okay, there's really no catching up here.  I'd never met him before, but he seems nice enough and we're going to open the account this afternoon.  Just a bit of "Ah, you're the Tarp-Nami guy."

For the local newspaper story about the Tarp-Nami incident click here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

More Listia Wins

I've been a busy boy on Listia. I picked up a few more cards. Not all of them sports related. The first, my first Jeff Burton relic card, set me back 2,242 credits. Maybe a bit too much, but I have them to burn right now.

The rubber relic looks like it was punched out of a tire slice and then hot glued on top of the card.  No thickening of the card here to even it out.  Cut, glue, plop.

2001 Press Pass Premium - Hot Treads
Jeff Burton (card # HT 14)

The second card is a tobacco card. From Great Britain in the late 1930s. I liked the look of it.  I've never been to England but I'd like to visit Rye.  It also sounds like a sandwich.  "Yeah, I'll have a rye on sussex.  Hold the mayo."  This fine card set me back 907 credits.

"Holidays In Britain"
W.A. & A.C. Churchman - Series of 48 - (1938)
(card # 13)

For more of the Holidays in Britain set you can visit this flikr album.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Orel's a Mover

This card has been on my want list for some time. A bit of an oddball.  I had rarely seen one.  They occasionally show up on ebay, as did this one.  I had some ebay bucks that I needed to burn, so this one set me back an actual 33 cents from my own pocket.

I still didn't know much about the card or the set, if it was from a set, so I thought I'd check my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.  There it was on page 1708.  Here's the description:
1993 U.S. Department of Transportation Safety Set

This six-card set (issued in three-card panels) was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and distributed at the Little League World Series. Standard size cards have red and blue borders on front, along with the Little League logo. Backs are printed in red and blue and include a highway safety message and sponsors/licensors logos.
1993 US Department of Transportation Safety Set
Orel Hershiser (card # 1)

Players pictured in the set are:
  1. Orel Hershiser 
  2. Don Mattingly 
  3. Mike Mussina 
  4. Mike Piazza 
  5. Cal Ripken Jr. 
  6. Mo Vaughn
The seller tossed in this All-Star card.   Simple in design with a sense of patriotism.
1987 Topps
Wade Boggs - All Star (card # 608)

That, boys and girls, was my latest ebay purchase.  In the queue: a trade post, some listia wins, my visit to the ball park, a book review.

Monday, April 22, 2013

DTG - Blog Bat Around Contest

Drop The Gloves is hosting a Blog Bat Around Contest.  You remember those, the Blog Bat Arounds?  What?  You don't?  Some blogger would put forth a question and other bloggers would chime in, all posting about the same subject.  Gripping stuff.  Here's his premise:
You have a theoretical $1,600 to spend on eBay for cards. Give yourself about 30 minutes and post the cards you would buy.
Now, I could probably find a single item that would complete my contest entry, but what fun is that?  I'm going to limit any single auction at $400.  And to make it simpler, I'm limiting myself to Buy It Now auctions.  That means I'm going to have to find at least four auctions, probably more.  And I'm rounding up the BIN price to the next dollar. None of that nickel and dime stuff here. And it would have to be cards that I want.  So, timer on...

1910-11 T3 Turkey Red #97 Dick Hoblitzell Ad Back SGC 10 Poor 1 - $275

I've always wanted one of these T-3s since I saw one in person a few years back.

1960 Bell Brand Football #17 Bill Wade - Los Angeles Rams - $75
Part of the Bill Wade collection. 

1959 Bill Wade LA Rams Bell Brand Football Card #1 - $55

Oh, look.  Same photo.  If I were a completist, I'd snag this one, too.

1951 Topps Football #2 Bill Wade-Vanderbilt - $200

This is an unscratched copy.  He looks so young.

2012 Total Memorablilia Signature Collection Jeff Burton Autograph Book 4/5 QUAD - $150

This will make my wife happy.  Have to keep the wife happy.

1968 Detroit Tigers Free Press Bubblegumless Earl Wilson POP 1 PSA 8 B1312287 - $50

I haven't looked for Earl Wilson cards on ebay in a while.  This is the first card I've seen from that set.  Nice, but I don't know that I'd drop $50 on it.

A little over halfway there.  Just $795 to go.  I need to speed it up.  I'm running out of time.

1923 V100 Willard's Edd Roush PSA A (Authentic) Cincinnati REDS HOF - $40

Edd Roush is from the same county that my father-in-law is from.  And he's a Hall of Famer.  Edd, that is.  And it is a card from a candy set.  A chocolate candy set.

1934-1936 Diamond Stars #9 - Mickey Cochrane - PSA 6 - Detroit Tigers HoF - 1935 - $340

Can't go wrong with Mickey.  I like that the graphic background seems at such a wrong angle to the player.

1887 Allen & Ginter N28 Charles Comiskey Baseball Card - Graded SGC Poor 10 - $400
Everybody loves some Ginter.  Poor condition?  Bring it on.  I think it looks just fine.

2009 Bowman Sterling #BS-DS Daniel Schlereth RC AUTO - $15

Daniel is no longer pitching for the Diamondbacks.   I'd prefer an on-card auto, but this was a quick filler to finish off DTG's bundle of money.

Okay, pencils down.  I think that I spent just over half an hour on this.  And if my math is correct, I came in right at $1,600.  I love spending fake money.

That was fun.  These are all cards I wouldn't mind having in my collection, but I'm probably not going to be spending that sort of money on them.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Schedule Changes

At a recent meeting of the East Tennessee Chapter of SABR, one of the members, Lucas Hobbs, offered up some pocket schedules. Lucas is on the board of directors for the Bristol Sox, an Advanced Rookie League affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, playing in the Appalachian League. Technically Lucas is one of the vice presidents of the board of directors for Bristol Baseball, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to keeping professional baseball alive in Bristol, Virginia-Tennessee.

On the way home from the meeting I found this Tennessee Smokies schedule at one of our local grocery stores.

I've applied for my media credentials from the Smokies and I'll be attending the Saturday night game against the Montgomery Biscuits.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1993 DiamondMarks - Orel Hershiser

Another listia win, one that I had to apply some muscle so that a fellow blogger would not win it.  Scorekeepers, this one set me back a whopping 215 credits.

1993 DiamondMarks
Orel Hershiser (card # NNO31)

Here's what The 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards says about this set:
1993 DiamondMarks 
While they look like baseball cards and were sold in foil packs like baseball cards, DiamondMarks were licensed as book marks. Issued by Barry Colla Productions, the 2-1/2" x 5" cards feature Barry Colla’s trademark high-quality player photos on front and back. The UV-coated fronts feature black borders with the player’s name in white above the photo and a color team logo beneath. Backs, also bordered in black, feature two color player photos in an open book design. There is a portrait photo on the left and a head-and-shoulders reproduction of the front photo at right. A bookmark with team logo is incorporated in the design. The 120-card set is unnumbered and is arranged in the checklist below alphabetically within league and team.
Eyeballing the printed checklist there were from 3 to 7 players per MLB team.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Joy of a completed trade

A comment showed up on one of my recent posts. A new (to me) blogger, The Prowling Cat, had some cards I might want. Did I want them? Sure!

This is a portion of what he sent my way.  14 Jeff Burton cards.  I needed the nine shown below.

Just like baseball cards, there are some parallels.  I am really trying to get my Jeff Burton checklist assembled.  The 2013 Press Pass Ignite Racing tentative checklist just came out.  About another 15 JB cards.  Base cards, hobby parallels, retail parallels.  Black, blue, and red memorabilia cards.  Black, blue, and red autograph cards.  I'll be going after the base when they come out.

Thanks, Prowling Cat.  I hope you enjoy the skeds I sent your way.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The voters have spoken

Well, I guess they voted.

Back in March I asked about which Fergie Jenkins card I should ask him to sign at the 18th Annual Rickwood Classic in Birmingham.

Six cards were offered up and the overwhelming response was the 1984 Fleer.

1984 Fleer #494 - Fergie Jenkins - Courtesy of
1984 Fleer #494
Okay, overwhelming might be the wrong term.   I don't understand the blogger's poll widget.  At one time there were 11 votes cast.  Now there are seven.  The 1984 Fleer still had the most votes, though.  With four.

The 2005 Timeless Treasures HOF Silver came in second with two votes.  The more I look at it, the only thing that really draws me to it is the HOF on the right hand side.

2005 Timeless Treasures HOF Silver #46 - Fergie Jenkins/500 - Courtesy of
2005 Timeless Treasures HOF Silver #46
Maybe I'll pick up one of each

The 2005 UD Past Time Pennants struggled in with just one vote.  I think that Fergie's trying to get that Oscar Gamble 'fro down.  Needs more time.

2005 UD Past Time Pennants #28 - Fergie Jenkins - Courtesy of
2005 UD Past Time Pennants #28
Thanks for your participation.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Turn up your radio

Poking around the web the other night I came across some audio files of Major League baseball games.  I thought that I'd provide a bit more info that the page at does.  The box scores are from
Lewiston Morning Tribune - October 5, 1948

Park City Daily News - September 3, 1967

If you'd like to access the the games through the site interface, here you go...

Van Morrison isn't exactly referring to baseball when he sings, "Turn it up, turn it up, little bit higher, radio..." but it works for me.

If you're interested I previously wrote about a 1939 game between the Indians and the Senators.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2012-13 Hoops Taco Bell checklist

Colbey asked about the Charlotte Bobcats in this set. I looked around the web to find a checklist, couldn't, so I made one of my own, mostly based on ebay listings.  You can see that there are still some blanks.  If you can help me fill those in, I'd appreciate it.

Update: Jon pointed me to a complete checklist.  I've corrected and updated mine.

2012-13 Hoops Taco Bell checklist
1Avery BradleyBoston Celtics
2Kevin GarnettBoston Celtics
3Paul PierceBoston Celtics
4Rajon RondoBoston Celtics
5Jared SullingerBoston Celtics
6Deron WilliamsBrooklyn Nets
7Brook LopezBrooklyn Nets
8Kris HumphriesBrooklyn Nets
9Joe JohnsonBrooklyn Nets
10Gerald WallaceBrooklyn Nets
11Amare StoudemireNew York Knicks
12Carmello AnthonyNew York Knicks
13Iman ShumpertNew York Knicks
14Tyson ChandlerNew York Knicks
15Jason KiddNew York Knicks
16Andrew BynumPhiladelphia 76ers
17Jrue HildayPhiladelphia 76ers
18Thaddeus YoungPhiladelphia 76ers
19Evan TurnerPhiladelphia 76ers
20Spencer HawesPhiladelphia 76ers
21Andrea BargnaniToronto Raptors
22DeMar DeRozanToronto Raptors
23Landry FieldsToronto Raptors
24Jose CalderonToronto Raptors
25Linas KleizaToronto Raptors
26Dirk NowitzkiDallas Mavericks
27Rodrigue BeauboisDallas Mavericks
28Shawn MarionDallas Mavericks
29Vince CarterDallas Mavericks
30Delonte WestDallas Mavericks
31Jeremy LambHouston Rockets
32Kevin MartinHouston Rockets
33Terrence JonesHouston Rockets
34Jeremy LinnHouston Rockets
35Earl BoykinsHouston Rockets
36Marc GasolMemphis Grizzlies
37Mike ConleyMemphis Grizzlies
38Rudy GayMemphis Grizzlies
39Zach RandolphMemphis Grizzlies
40Lester HudsonMemphis Grizzlies
41Anthony DavisNew Orleans Hornets
42Lance ThomasNew Orleans Hornets
43Austin RiversNew Orleans Hornets
44Eric GordonNew Orleans Hornets
45Greivis VasquezNew Orleans Hornets
46DeJuan BlairSan Antonio Spurs
47Borias DiawSan Antonio Spurs
48Manu GinobiliSan Antonio Spurs
49Tim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs
50Tony ParkerSan Antonio Spurs
51Carlos BoozerChicago Bulls
52Derrick RoseChicago Bulls
53Joakim NoahChicago Bulls
54Luol DengChicago Bulls
55Richard HamiltonChicago Bulls
56Kyrie IrvingCleveland Cavaliers
57Anderson VarejaoCleveland Cavaliers
58Dion WaitersCleveland Cavaliers
59Daniel GibsonCleveland Cavaliers
60Omri CasspiCleveland Cavaliers
61Andre DrummondDetroit Pistons
62Greg MonroeDetroit Pistons
63Rodney StuckeyDetroit Pistons
64Tayshaun PrinceDetroit Pistons
65Brandon KnightDetroit Pistons
66Danny GrangerIndiana Pacers
67David WestIndiana Pacers
68Paul GeorgeIndiana Pacers
69Roy HibbertIndiana Pacers
70George HillIndiana Pacers
71Brandon JenningsMilwaukee Bucks
72Drew GoodenMilwaukee Bucks
73Monta EllisMilwaukee Bucks
74Ersan IlyasovaMilwaukee Bucks
75Mike DunleavyMilwaukee Bucks
76Danilo GallinariDenver Nuggets
77Ty LawsonDenver Nuggets
78Andre IguodalaDenver Nuggets
79JaVale McGeeDenver Nuggets
80Andre MillerDenver Nuggets
81Kevin LoveMinnesota Timberwolves
82Luke RidnourMinnesota Timberwolves
83Ricky RubioMinnesota Timberwolves
84Wesley JohnsonMinnesota Timberwolves
85JJ BareaMinnesota Timberwolves
86LaMarcus AldridgePortland Trailblazers
87Nicolas BatumPortland Trailblazers
88Wesley MatthewsPortland Trailblazers
89Jonny FlynnPortland Trailblazers
90JJ HicksonPortland Trailblazers
91James HardenOklahoma City Thunder
92Kendrick PerkinsOklahoma City Thunder
93Kevin DurantOklahoma City Thunder
94Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder
95Serge IbakaOklahoma City Thunder
96Al JeffersonUtah Jazz
97DeMarre CarrollUtah Jazz
98Gordon HaywardUtah Jazz
99Paul MillsapUtah Jazz
100Derrick FavorsUtah Jazz
101Al HorfordAtlanta Hawks
102Jeff TeagueAtlanta Hawks
103John JenkinsAtlanta Hawks
104Josh SmithAtlanta Hawks
105Erick DampierAtlanta Hawks
106LeBron JamesMiami Heat
107Dwyane WadeMiami Heat
108Chris BoshMiami Heat
109Mario ChalmersMiami Heat
110Ray AllenMiami Heat
111Andrew NicholsonOrlando Magic
112Hedo TurkogluOrlando Magic
113J.J. RedickOrlando Magic
114Jameer NelsonOrlando Magic
115Glen DavisOrlando Magic
116John WallWashington Wizards
117Trevor BookerWashington Wizards
118Jordan CrawfordWashington Wizards
119Nene HilarioWashington Wizards
120Kevin SeraphinWashington Wizards
121Andrew BogutGolden State Warriors
122Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors
123David LeeGolden State Warriors
124Harrison BarnesGolden State Warriors
125Festus EzeliGolden State Warriors
126Blake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers
127Chauncey BillupsLos Angeles Clippers
128Chris PaulLos Angeles Clippers
129Eric BledsoeLos Angeles Clippers
130DeAndre JordanLos Angeles Clippers
131Steve NashLos Angeles Lakers
132Dwight HowardLos Angeles Lakers
133Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers
134Metta World PeaceLos Angeles Lakers
135Pau GasolLos Angeles Lakers
136Shannon BrownPhoenix Suns
137Marcin GortatPhoenix Suns
138Markieff MorrisPhoenix Suns
139Kendall MarshallPhoenix Suns
140Channing FryePhoenix Suns
141Jimmer FredetteSacramento Kings
142Marcus ThorntonSacramento Kings
143DeMarcus CousinsSacramento Kings
144Tyreke EvansSacramento Kings
145Thomas RobinsonSacramento Kings
146Gerald HendersonCharlotte Bobcats
147Michael Kidd-GilchristCharlotte Bobcats
148Byron MullensCharlotte Bobcats
149Bismack BiyomboCharlotte Bobcats
150Kemba WalkerCharlotte Bobcats