Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My First Strip Card and Some Other Feller

Over the past few months I've greatly enjoyed reading the articles at PreWar Cards.   Anson, the genius behind the site, is a machine, cranking out stories with solid research, flooding twitter and other social media outlets.  He's a font of knowledge and generous.  I was lucky enough to win one of his giveaways.  It was for the Exhibit card below, special tape over the face variation.  Specifically it is one of the variations in the W462 Exhibits Salutations set.
1939-46 W462 Salutation Exhibit set
Bob Feller (pitching)

I've got a 1948 Exhibit Baseball's Great Hall of Fame and a 1936 Goudey Wide Pen, both of Mickey Cochrane.  This Feller is sort of a cross between them.

I begged and pleaded for Anson to consider selling me a banged up strip card, as he mentioned that he had recently purchased a few.  I'm trying to flesh out my type card collection.  Not one from each set ever made, but one from the major types of cards (tobacco, caramel/chocolate/candy. exhibit, etc).  In my mind I keep changing what I'm trying to do.  A card from each decade.  Then a card from each half decade.  A card from each 'classic' set.  I'm not terribly picky about condition or player.

I finally wore him down and he sent along this, my first strip card, part of the W513 set.
1928 W513 Famous People Strip Card Set
George Harper - # 85

This card was cut cleanly on the right side and looks like it was torn away on the left and bottom.  I am drawn to the clean pen work making up the face, the shadow down the throat.  The red is striking in person.

Thanks, Anson. 

If you're not reading PreWar Cards on a regular basis, you're denying yourself of knowledge.