Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Spurred into action

Night Owl posted some cards that he got from Corey.  As I was looking at the pretty pictures, because who really has time to read anymore, I noticed an Orel Hershiser card I thought I had, but wasn't sure.

It was a box bottom card from 1989 Fleer.  I thought that I picked it up in my Black Friday shopping spree at COMC.  I knew that I hadn't put the cards in the binder yet, so I started looking for the padded envelope that they came in.

I looked around the computer.  Nope.  In the stack of stuff by my bed.  No.  Ah, it must be in that pile of envelopes out in the sun room.  Nope, but I did find the packing slip.  On the bookshelf?  No.  Other bookshelf.  No.  Crud.

I slept on it and this morning, being a snow day for Caroline and knowing that after spending some time doing a jigsaw puzzle, cleaning the kitchen, catching up on some correspondence, putting a few loads of laundry in the washer, I'd set out to find the cards.  I looked in one more stack of stuff and bingo, bango, bongo, I found it.
1989 Fleer Box Bottom
Orel Hershiser (card # C-14)
It wasn't just this Hershiser, but cards of some other players I collect.  Bill Wade, football player.  I had the original of this card, and the Archive edition, but the GOLD Archive?  Nope.  I do now.

1994 Topps Archives 1957 Series Gold
Bill Wade (card # 34)

This is one of those oddball cards.  I'm guessing that they're plentiful in the Chicago area, but I don't live there anymore.  Ah, Chicago, where I could, and did, go to a card show every month.  There hasn't been a card show in east Tennessee in years.
1998 Discover Card Chicago Bears Fan Convention
Bill Wade (card # BIWA)

On to Del Harris.  Del kicked around the NBA as a coach for some time.  He went to the same college my wife did.  Milligan.  So did Francis Gary Powers.  But they don't make cards of Francis.
1995-96 NBA Hoops
Del Harris (card # 182)

Boy, howdy.  Doesn't this look like an ad for some sort of hearing aid or fiber supplement?
2005-0 Topps Total
Del Harris (card # 372)
Also in the package were about another ten or so cards.  I've scanned them, but will share them later.  Probably in two different posts.  Right now I'm averaging about a post per month.  I can't get too wild.

So thanks, Greg, for spurring me into action.  I almost wrote, "You can saddle me up and spur me all night."  But I didn't.  That would be wrong.