Thursday, April 7, 2016

Requisite monthly post

A few weeks back I decided I should beef up my 1971 Topps project.  I sauntered on over to COMC and picked up about a dozen that I needed for Series 1, since that is what I'm focusing on.  After they arrived I went through and did some organizing.  I was able to put several cards in the binder, updated the want list and realized that I'm close to completing the first series.  That was my original goal.

But I won't be showing any of those gently loved, chipped edged '71s,  I'll show you a few other cards I picked up during that same shopping spree.

Not all cards purchased at COMC are baseball.  As far as I can tell Len Raney never made it to the pros but we both attended Northern Arizona University.  And it was less than a buck.
1995 Superior Pix Autographs
Len Raney (card # 98)

I've been delving into the history of cricket a bit.  I thought I should grab one for my collection.  This "mini" has a bit of surface damage, but I'm not complaining.  It only set me back a buck seventy five.
1928 Wills Cricketers
E. Hendren (card # 21)

Bill "Bugs" Moran was the poor man's Oscar Gamble.  Look it up yourself.  "Bugs" cost me $2.75.

1978 TCMA - Knox Sox
Bill "Bugs" Moran (card # 0024)

And yes, I did have a bit of fun with this first of the Knoxville Minor Team sets.

I placed my order soon after Joe Garagiola had slipped this mortal coil.  Yes, the card has rounded corners and a bit of a crease, but it cost fifty cents less than "Bugs" Moran.
1953 Bowman Color
Joe Garagiola (card # 21)

And here's one that I got back in January of this year.  Buddy Gilbert was the featured speaker at the East Tennessee SABR Day meeting.  He handed these out.  And yes, that is his signature.  He takes pride in it.
Custom card
Buddy Gilbert

Happy Opening Day week.  My lovely wife and I will be out at Smokies Stadium tonight watching their home opener.  Whee!