Sunday, November 24, 2013

1950 Bowmen

I was at one of my local card shops last week and saw these two gems in the glass cabinet.

1950 Bowman
Pete Castiglione (card # 201)
Rookie Card

So, with a little exchange of some cash, I liberated them.

1950 Bowman
Dave Philley (card # 127)

Probably a bit of an impulse purchase on my part, but they looked so lonely.

Getting these cards has put me on the quest to do a Topps type set.  Not all # 5 cards.  That's ridiculous.  Just one card from each of the main sets each year.  I don't care what series it is from.  No Updates.  No Baseball America.  No shiny.  Just a base card from the base set.  I have to figure out what I need.

And yes, I know that I spelled Bowman wrong in the title.  I was looking for the plural.  And I know that it might seem strange that I've decided to put the type collection together after showing Bowman cards.  And I know that I'm very late to this form of type collecting.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

1988 Knoxville Blue Jays sked

The 1988 Knoxville Blue Jays finished the season with a 75-69 record.  They had 23 players on that team that eventually made it to the majors.

Bike Athletic Night on June 17th?  What?  Refillable cups?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gently Loved Entertainment Cards - part 8

I went back to find some more Dawbtastic Mork and Mindy cards, but they were all out. I did find two ALF cards that I had overlooked before.

I've never seen a complete episode of ALF.   The concept never intrigued me and I was busy doing other stuff.

1988 Topps ALF - Series 2
I Think I Left The Cat In The Dryer! (card # 53)

1988 Topps ALF - Series 2
Bouillabaseball inserts
Earl "Rat Lips" Flick (card # 36N)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Some cards from Crackin' Wax

Christopher, from Crackin Wax, wants you to take his cards.  I did.  For a small donation, which goes to charity, he'll let you take 20 cards from various boxes he's busted.  You claim the cards you want and then send him your shipping material and he'll get the cards right out to you.

I've been involved with a few BoBuBingos in the past.  They're fun.  Christopher makes them fun.

So, let's see some of what I claimed.

I haven't opened any Ginter this year.  When I saw that an Abe Vigoda card was available, I set the hook deep and reeled it in.

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's
Abe Vigoda (card # 176)

This summer I read Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone's The Friar and the Cipher: Roger Bacon and the Unsolved Mystery of the Most Unusual Manuscript in the World.  It concerned the Voynich Manuscript.  If you like reading about history and books, the Goldstones don't disappoint.  Here's a link to Yale University's Beinecke Rare Books & Manuscript Library webpage about the Voynich Manuscript.

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's
Codes, Ciphers & Cryptographs
The Voynich Manuscript (card # CCC-VM)

Just because you need another mini.

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's
Black Bordered Mini
Jacoby Ellsbury (card # 211)

I think that those cards are worth a total of 9 points in Gint-A-Cuffs V.  I think.  I don't know.  I just want to put that nightmare behind me so I can move on to the nightmare that is Gint-A-Cuffs VI next summer.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trade with David K.

A while back I showed off some Fr√§uleins. Reader David K. wanted to trade for one of them.  He sent over this sweet looking Earl Wilson.  Sharp corners and all.  There's a bit of surface dirt, but I'm not complaining in the least.

1965 O-Pee-Chee
Earl Wilson (card # 42)

Another Earl off my list.  Thanks, David K.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Press Pass FanFare Jeff Burton Silver Foiled

I'll get back to some baseball cards in a bit. Right now it is another Listia win.  For those keeping score it set me back 1,331 Listia credits.  Free shipping.

A serial numbered Jeff Burton card. From this season. Could it be his last season? Of full time racing, I think that is a yes.

I read somewhere or other that collecting on a budget could easily be accomplished by picking up the second year card and the final year card of your favorite player.  The second year card will have stats from his rookie season.  The final year card will have his total career.  Not a bad thought, but anymore half the cards don't have (m)any stats at all.

2013 Press Pass FanFare
Silver Foiled (#d to 25)
Jeff Burton (card # 10)

I've just recently completed compiling a spreadsheet of known Jeff Burton cards.  I've listed 2,065 cards.  I need to double check a few things before releasing it.  I know that it is a work in progress and there are probably about 100 cards or more that I've missed.

Now I need to organize the cards I have and put them in the correct pages by year and check them off the spreadsheet.  Yeah, that won't take any time at all.   I've got about 350 cards, I estimate.

So what have I learned?  That I won't be a completing the Jeff Burton catalog.  Let's say I have 1,800 more cards to go.  I'm not going to be spending that kind of money on his cards.  I'll continue to pick them up on Listia, in dime boxes, and in trade, but I think I'm done chasing the cards.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1998 General Mills Canadian Olympic Games Cards

And we're back to sports cards. I picked up this set of seven holofoil cards for 499 credits at Listia. I think that I did okay.

These were issued for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games held in Nagano, Japan.  I'm assuming that they were packaged with General Mills food products, but I haven't found much info on the unnumbered set.

1998 General Mills Canadian Olympic Games
Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kraatz

1998 General Mills Canadian Olympic Games
Elvis Stojko

1998 General Mills Canadian Olympic Games
Vicky Sunohara

Here's the checklist:
  • Cassie Campbell 
  • Marc Gagnon 
  • Geraldine Heany 
  • Brendan Shanahan 
  • Elvis Stojko 
  • Vicky Sunohara 
  • Shae-Lynn Bourne & Victor Kratz
See, I've got some love for Canada.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gently Loved Entertainment Cards - part 7

I think that this is the end of the movie and TV cards.  For now.  Thanks for sticking with me on this horrid journey.

Now, more Star Wars cards.  Star Wars was the first movie I saw in a movie theatre.  Shallow life up to then.

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 1)
Princess Leia Organa (card # 5)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 2)
The imprisoned Princess Leia (card # 89)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 2)
Chewie and Han Solo! (card # 111)

Instead of using terms like "Driving the porcelain bus" or "Ralphing" I think I'm going to start using "Roar of the Wookiee!"
1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 2)
Roar of the Wookiee! (card # 128)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 3)
Tusken Raiders capture Luke! (card # 111)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 3)
Threepio and friend (card # 111)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 3)
Alec Guiness as Ben Kenobi (card # 195)

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars
Princess Leia Organa - Carrie Fisher (card # three)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gently Loved Entertainment Cards - part 6

No commentary here.  The cards and stickers speak for themselves.

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
No-nonsense privateer Han Solo! (card # 267)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
The Cantina musicians (card # 283)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
Cantina denizens! (card # 286)

1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
Lord Vader senses The Force (card # 291)
1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
Various droids collected by the Jawas (sticker # 48)
1978 Topps - Star Wars (Series 5)
Luke, the Star Warrior! (sticker # 49)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fauna of Rhodesia and other cards

Taking a bit of a break from the modern entertainment cards and visiting days long gone.

These were part of a lot from a listia win that also included the Girls, Girls, Girls of the German silver screen.

Since I'm not well versed in these types of sets I'm not going to try to identify all of them.

I think that this is from 1929.

Attila was an Austrian actor.

German buildings.  These cards seem to be on photo stock.

A German stream in winter.

I'm guessing that these cars are from the mid 1930s.  Interesting to note that the back of the cards say:  "This surface is adhesive.  Ask your tobacconist for the attractive album, price one penny, specifically to hold the complete series."

I knew that people stuck these in albums and I knew that there were specific albums for sets, but I didn't know that the cards were pre-glued.

A slightly embossed ship card.  Always good to know that the Germans were doing recon in the form of collecting cards.