Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Should I send this postcard to Night Owl?

I purchased this card at the first card show I've been to in years. I picked up a mess of stuff. Including this ad postcard.

I wasn't familiar with the ASCCA.  So off to the web.  I found a mention in this Columbia University student newspaper from 1973.  Actually quite an interesting look at the collecting hobby some 43 plus years ago.

Now to figure out if I really want to send that postcard to Night Owl, hopefully enticing him to send me the 1971s I need want.  Look at it.  There's a bit of water damage.  The image isn't perfect.  I can't send him such a lousy card.  But there are Dodgers.  He does like the Dodgers.

I also picked up some other cards for him, but I can't show those to you now.  Heck, what would I blog about in March?

Thoughts?  Send him the postcard?

Oh, and I need a 2017 Topps for my Topps Type Collection.  I don't know which card I should add.

I'm too tired to make these decision.  Help me.  Comment below.