Monday, October 1, 2018

Look what I found at the card show

 Yes, we had a card show in Knoxville.  A few months ago.  Maybe it was May.  One of the local card shops helped organize it.  Maybe a dozen dealers spread out over 20 tables.  I pawed through the dollar boxes, talked to a few dealers, a nice way to kill an hour.

I picked up the Sanchez because I'm slowly collecting cards of Knoxville minor league players.

1988 Baseball America
Alex Sanchez - card # AA-13

Why not?
1966 Topps Game
George Scott - card # 22

Because he's a Cub.  And it was cheap.
2018 Topps Heritage - Clubhouse Collection Relics
Jon Lester - card # CCR-JL

Stargell was the first player I remember watching hit a home run, live.
1970 Topps Scratch Off
Willie Stargell - card # WIST

Again, it was cheap.
1960 Topps
Willie Tasby - card # 322

The card show seems to be running on a monthly basis.  I need to return.