Monday, October 1, 2018

Look what I found at the card show

 Yes, we had a card show in Knoxville.  A few months ago.  Maybe it was May.  One of the local card shops helped organize it.  Maybe a dozen dealers spread out over 20 tables.  I pawed through the dollar boxes, talked to a few dealers, a nice way to kill an hour.

I picked up the Sanchez because I'm slowly collecting cards of Knoxville minor league players.

1988 Baseball America
Alex Sanchez - card # AA-13

Why not?
1966 Topps Game
George Scott - card # 22

Because he's a Cub.  And it was cheap.
2018 Topps Heritage - Clubhouse Collection Relics
Jon Lester - card # CCR-JL

Stargell was the first player I remember watching hit a home run, live.
1970 Topps Scratch Off
Willie Stargell - card # WIST

Again, it was cheap.
1960 Topps
Willie Tasby - card # 322

The card show seems to be running on a monthly basis.  I need to return.


  1. Sweet Stargell. Love the 1970 Topps Scratch Off set.

    1. The seller told me it was part of the 1971 set. It didn't seem quite right to me, but I like the card.