Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding what makes me happy

I haven't purchased a new pack of cards in many, many months. I've been slowing adding to my 1971 Topps (Series 1) pursuit.  After the December holidays I found that I had some left over jingle in my pocket.  To ebay I went.

For less than what I would have spent on a new pack of cards (less than $5 delivered) I picked up an R318 Dodger.  Apparently he'd been moonlighting as Paul M. Longacre, but who am I to quibble?

This is my second R318.  The first one came to me as a prize from Spike several years ago.  I scanned it and then put it in a secret hiding place for protection.  So secret that I've forgotten where it is.

1934 Batter-Up (R318)
Tony Cuccinello (card # 79)

Let's see, what else makes me happy?  Doing baseball research.  I have a few other blogs that I also ignore from time to time.

I've been looking at the University of Tennessee Record Book at Old Knoxville Base Ball.  And just random baseball stuff at Baseball Nuggets.

I'm probably going to pick up a few more Tony Cuccinello cards.  I guess putting together a checklist for him would make me happy.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ronnie Reese - by request

Back in June of last year I picked up some UT basketball cards.

Reader Elizabeth asked if there was any chance that I'd post the Ronnie Reese card.

Elizabeth, just for you, here's the Ronnie Reese card.  Front and back.  Along with the remaining cards from that set.

Here are Ronnie Reese's stats from when he played at UT.

I've got nothing more to say about this set, except that real bears in the Smoky Mountains don't wear pants.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Digital Tomfoolery

Every so often I like to break out my card creative skills. No, I'm no Punk Rock Paint or SlangKo, but I dabble. Last week, to honor Randy Johnson's election to the Baseball Hall of Fame, I threw this relic card together.

I'm reading a book about J.R.R. Tolkien. There's a section about tobacco use, both of Tolkien and in his books.  It made me start wondering why I hadn't seen any tobacco type cards featuring the Lord of the Rings characters.  So I made a mock up.

I based it on the T206 card of Moose Grimshaw.

There are some elements of the pipeweed card that I'm not keen on, but mostly it was an exercise to see if I remembered how to play with layers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So, it seems that the #WalletCard is all the rage these days.  I was flapping my way through the twitter late last night and I stumbled across Night Owl's tweet about his WalletCard.  I thought to myself: "Hmmm.  That sounds like a mash-up of what I did sometime back."

I looked back at Greg's blog and found his post about it.  He gave me a bit of a shout out (although he got the name of my blog wrong.  I think that it is now officially called "Mark's Only Gonna Blog When He's In Danger Of Rolling Off The Sports Card Blogroll".).

Greg says that the current fad is a variation on my experiment.  That's carrying around a bunch of cards.  Another correction for Greg.  I carry the cards around in the left front pocket of my jeans/slacks.  He said that it was my shirt pocket.  I can see where he made that assumption (based on my post), but no self respecting school aged boy is going to wear a shirt with a pocket.  My bad for not being clear about which pocket.

I'd also add the mix of WalletCard - the photos.  Five years ago I took Cy Seymour out and about.  Please note that I'm not claiming to be the father of the WalletCard phenomenon.  I just needed a post for January.

Update on the "What if" question.  I'm still carrying the cards around, all through the holidays.  Maybe they'll be my WalletCard.  Without the wallet.  And there are multiples.  But I've never been one to play by the rules.  WalletCards?  PocketCards?  PantsCards?  I'll just go with WalletCard.

John Marzano peeking out from under the sombrero

On to other things.  You know.  Something where I can share some photos of semi serious cards.  When one's birthday and Christmas are just a week apart one can get cash because nobody know what to get one.  I'm a winner.

So, after some thought I headed to ebay.

1909-10 Murad T51
College Series 26-50
The University of Tennessee - Polo

As far as I know UT did not have a polo club.  I haven't checked, but I will.

From a different seller I snagged this card that I wrote about wanting just 11 months ago.  I think that this is the earliest card of a Knoxville Smokie ball player.

1933 Goudey
Walter French (card # 177)

Both came in at reasonable prices.  I still have some more jingle in my pocket.  Well, it is muffled by the WalletCard I carry there.  I'm back off to ebay.  Who knows what I'll find.  Anyone want to guess?

Returning to the Night Owl.  It still give me a lift to have my blog/name mentioned on another blog.  Thanks, Greg.