Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lane Kiffon

Lane Kiffen was released earlier today.  OMG!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The 1919 "Black Sox" Unique Team Set Reprint

This was another Listia win. A bit strange. I won the auction for 808 credits. The seller sent the cards, but with postage due. I tried to resolve the issue with the seller, but he was adamant that he was in the clear. I approached him with a clear voice of reason. When a solution could not be found, I brought the issue to Listia's attention. The seller was very confident that he'd win the arbitration. He didn't. The credits were returned to my account. The seller then blocked me. I'm not losing sleep over it.

The cards were designed by TNTL Studios, Toms River, New Jersey.  The bottom of the box states:
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this set will be donated to the Feinstein Foundation, a non-profit charitable foundation established by Alan Shawn Feinstein.

The Feinstein Foundation is a real organization.  I don't know how much they've received from the sale of these cards.

The cards are 2" x 3", printed on decent card stock.  The fronts have a slight gloss to them.  They weren't trimmed well, with some of the cards being askew or poorly centered.

The players that were banned because of their involvement with the scandal are outlined in black.

Chas. A. Comiskey is the only non-player in the set.

Joe Jackson is the only player to be featured twice.  One black and white, one in color.  Oh, it looks like he's in Iowa.

If the player wasn't caught up in the scandal they don't get any write up on the back.  Poor Harry Liebold.

Pack Addict and Voice of the Collector each covered this set a few years back.  This set can be easily found on ebay.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baseball Fans! Zowie!

The Sporting News - September 6, 1945

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stamp Out Qubis

So, I had to run to Wal-Mart yesterday and I saw something in the card collecting aisle.   I took a quick look and went on with my regular shopping.  I had to return to Wal-Mart today.  I picked it up.  It was a bag of a Topps Qubi.  $2.98 at the checkout.

I waited until I got home to open it.

Some of you like to see the wrappers.  Here's the back side.

Inside the bag was one Collectible Stamper Cube and a checklist.  The quarter did not come in the bag.  I used it for comparison.

Click the checklist to embiggen.

Not a snow globe.  Sort of a see through magnifying glass thingo.

Here's the bottom.

A scan of the flattened bag.  Just to keep our wrapper people interested.

If you remove the bottom of the cube you reveal the pre-inked stamp.  I got me a Mike Trout head.

Yes, I had to stamp something.

Collect all 75?  I don't think so.

The trip wasn't a total waste.  I also picked up the Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection.

Here's the checklist for that one:
  • The Cocoanuts (1929)
  • Animal Crackers (1930)
  • Monkey Business (1931)
  • Horse Feathers (1932)
  • Duck Soup (1933)
Add that to my TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection DVD:
  • A Day At The Races (1937)
  • Room Service (1938)
  • A Night In Casablanca (1946)
  • At The Circus (1939)
Update - January 2018 - I picked up:
  • A Night at the Opera (1935)
  • Go West (1940)
  • The Big Store (1941)
And I'm pretty far along in completing the set. For a complete list of feature (non-short) films, here's what I'm lacking:
  • Love Happy (1949)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kevin McHale - History Class

Another pickup from listia. This time it set me back 258 credits. Free shipping. Not bad for all that shiny goodness.

1999 Upper Deck - History Class
Kevin McHale (card # CH10)

Friday, September 20, 2013

More Hershisers from Jason S.

Jason S. came through again. He sent a few more Orels my way.

1998 Pacific Paramount Copper
Orel Hershiser (card # 245)

1997 Score Hobby Reserve
Orel Hershiser (card # 378)

Thanks, Jason.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sports LP's

While researching some local football history I came across this newspaper advertisement for Sports LPs.

State Times Advocate - April 19, 1973

I don't remember seeing them when they were released in 1972, but I wanted to see the covers in color.  Off to ebay...

I don't know if the LP designers thought that all young baseball fans were like Dock Ellis or not.  My guess is yes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baseball Card Watch

I'm strolling through the aisles of ebay and came across this item:


They are also offered in Black and White.  I just can't get excited about this.  And his name is "Orel".

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1987 Stuart Bakery - tradebait

Jason S. sent me some cards I've never seen before. He suggested that I use them for trade bait. They're oddball enough that some of you might actually nibble.

The card panels that came my way are 1987 Stuart Bakery cards.  The SCBC says:
Twenty-eight four-part folding panels make up the 1987 Stuart Super Stars set, which was issued only in Canada. Three player cards and a sweepstakes entry form card comprise each panel. All 26 major league teams are included with the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays being represented twice. The cards, which are full color and measure 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", are written in both English and French. The card backs contain the player’s previous year’s statistics. All team insignias have been airbrushed away.
I've scanned the Braves (2) and the Indians (18), but also have the Expos (7),  Padres (12), Giants (13), Orioles (14), White Sox (17), Tigers (19), Twins (22), and the Blue Jays (27).  The numbers refer to SCBC's numbering of the unnumbered panels.  The whole checklist is below.

1987 Stuart Bakery
Atlanta Braves (panel # 2)

1987 Stuart Bakery
Cleveland Indians (panel # 18)

So, I'd really like to use these as legitimate tradebait.  Find something on my wantlists and hit me up (mark DOT aubrey AT gmail DOT com).  You know you want them.  If it isn't on the wantlists, you could try offering a tobacco card or two.  Not necessarily of ball players.  Offer some vintagey goodness.  You'd be surprised what I'd take in trade.

Panel (New York Mets)
1a Gary Carter
1b Keith Hernandez
1c Darryl Strawberry

Panel (Atlanta Braves)
2a Bruce Benedict
2b Ken Griffey
2c Dale Murphy

Panel (Chicago Cubs)
3a Jody Davis
3b Andre Dawson
3c Leon Durham

Panel (Cincinnati Reds)
4a Buddy Bell
4b Eric Davis
4c Dave Parker

Panel (Houston Astros)
5a Glenn Davis
5b Nolan Ryan
5c Mike Scott

Panel (Los Angeles Dodgers)
6a Pedro Guerrero
6b Mike Marshall
6c Fernando Valenzuela

Panel (Montreal Expos)
7a Tim Raines
7b Tim Wallach
7c Mitch Webster

Panel (Montreal Expos)
8a Hubie Brooks
8b Bryn Smith
8c Floyd Youmans

Panel (Philadelphia Phillies)
9a Shane Rawley
9b Juan Samuel
9c Mike Schmidt

Panel (Pittsburgh Pirates)
10a Jim Morrison
10b Johnny Ray
10c R.J. Reynolds

Panel (St. Louis Cardinals)
11a Jack Clark
11b Vince Coleman
11c Ozzie Smith

Panel (San Diego Padres)
12a Steve Garvey
12b Tony Gwynn
12c John Kruk

Panel (San Francisco Giants)
13a Chili Davis
13b Jeffrey Leonard
13c Robbie Thompson

Panel (Baltimore Orioles)
14a Fred Lynn
14b Eddie Murray
14c Cal Ripken, Jr.

Panel (Boston Red Sox)
15a Don Baylor
15b Wade Boggs
15c Roger Clemens

Panel (California Angels)
16a Doug DeCinces
16b Wally Joyner
16c Mike Witt

Panel (Chicago White Sox)
17a Harold Baines
17b Carlton Fisk
17c Ozzie Guillen

Panel (Cleveland Indians)
18a Joe Carter
18b Julio Franco
18c Pat Tabler

Panel (Detroit Tigers)
19a Kirk Gibson
19b Jack Morris
19c Alan Trammell

Panel (Kansas City Royals)
20a George Brett
20b Bret Saberhagen
20c Willie Wilson

Panel (Milwaukee Brewers)
21a Cecil Cooper
21b Paul Molitor
21c Robin Yount

Panel (Minnesota Twins)
22a Tom Brunansky
22b Kent Hrbek
22c Kirby Puckett

Panel (New York Yankees)
23a Rickey Henderson
23b Don Mattingly
23c Dave Winfield

Panel (Oakland A’s)
24a Jose Canseco
24b Alfredo Griffin
24c Carney Lansford

Panel (Seattle Mariners)
25a Phil Bradley
25b Alvin Davis
25c Mark Langston

Panel (Texas Rangers)
26a Pete Incaviglia
26b Pete O’Brien
26c Larry Parrish

Panel (Toronto Blue Jays)
27a Jesse Barfield
27b George Bell
27c Tony Fernandez

Panel (Toronto Blue Jays)
28a Lloyd Moseby
28b Dave Stieb
28c Ernie Whitt