Saturday, July 1, 2017

1971s from the Night Owl

For several months I've been threatening to send Greg some cards. He beat me to the punch, sending 15 1971 Topps my way.  I've selected just four to show here.

Look how un-dinged these corners are.  No major chipping.  Some would quibble, pointing out printing flaws, the scant bits of white at the corners.  I see it, but I choose to ignore it.  If you saw some of the other cards I have in my collection of 71s  you'd say that these are Gem Mint 10s.

You can't go wrong with vintage Cubbies.

An unadulterated checklist.  Just reading those names brings back good memories.

I've always thought that Joe Morgan should be part of Greg's BA list.  But that's his list, not mine.  This is the first card of that era that I can recall where no players' faces are shown.

What a smile.  And a lot of pine tar.  Or his bat was hot footed.
Greg, thanks for getting me closer to my goal of completing my 1971 Topps set.  I still have a ways to go, but this get's me 5.7%* closer than I was at the beginning of June.

* I don't actually track percentages of set completion.  I just seemed like a funny number to add and I'd look smart.