Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ultimate Jumbo Pack

In the same plaza as my local Wal-Mart there is a Dollar Tree. They often have packs of cards. Recent years, a variety of sports, mostly with five cards per pack. This time they had the Ultimate Jumbo Pack.  30 cards for a dollar.  Mostly junk wax.  And a lot of Marlins.  I picked up two packs.

Here are two decent cards from the packs.
1981 Fleer
Mark Fidrych (card # 462)

1982 Donruss
Ron Guidry (card # 548)

I've tossed them up on Listia, if anyone is interested.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

At My Local Wal-Mart

Nope, I didn't buy a thing.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Night Owl Tapped Out

A few weeks back Greg, the Night Owl, sent me a package of cards.  I'm not sure if they were the reward for creating the One-Card Callenge logo, an unspecified "here's some cards from the goodness of my heart because you sent me cards from the goodness of your heart" guilt trip or he's just being nice.  I'm never one to turn down some Hershiser cards that I don't have.  But it looks like my source from New York has dried up.
I am now officially tapped out in having any Hershisers you don't have.
Enjoy -- Greg
Let's see what Hershiser goodness he sent...

There are quite a few variations on this set.  Donruss pushed out the Legends of Summer Century Edition, numbered to 100.  And the Legends of Summer Decade Edition, numbered to 10.  And the autographs and relics.  I really don't know what all they did.  I know that I finally got this one.

2003 Donruss Signature - Legends of Summer
Orel Hershiser (card # LS-33) - #/250

Another numbered card from the Donruss family.  This time to 1,988.  What a strange number.  Not if you remove the comma.  1988.  The season of Orel.  Nice way to reuse the photo, too.

2004 Playoff Honors Awards
Orel Hershiser (card # A-21) - #/1988

Some would say that the next card isn't an Orel Hershiser baseball card at all, but a Dennis Martinez baseball card.  I'd say that some were crazy.  It is going in my Orel binder.  Sure, it will be at the end of the 1997 section, but it will be in there.  I think that I have a card of Tommy Lasorda jogging with Orel and the part of the team.  Strange to see Lasorda jogging.  Maybe there's a plate of pasta on the other side of the field.  Now, that was just mean.  It probably was covered in meat sauce, as well.  It is in my Orel binder.

Interesting uniform differences.  Orel's wearing a turtleneck with the logo, similar to what Howard Wolowitz wears on The Big Bang Theory.  Maybe the other guys have the logo but are wearing their shirts backwards.  It could happen.
1997 Collector's Choice
Dennis Martinez (card # 91)

Greg sent some other cards.  I plan to show them in another post.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm A Proud Parent

I'd like to take a bit of a break from the inactivity on this blog to brag.  My son, Edison, is a senior at The King's Academy.  He's a good student, a member of the National Honor Society, and plays football.

He's one of the captains of the team and plays center and defensive line.  This last Friday evening was Homecoming at TKA and was also Senior Night.  Edison got to line up as fullback for a few plays.  He scored a touchdown.

Edison was also part of the Homecoming Court.  He is pictured below with Joy Lynn Lyon.  They were not selected King and Queen.  Last year Edison escorted Joy Lynn on the court.  She is a nice young lady who is a weight lifter.

The final score of the game.  All five seniors on the team scored a touchdown.  One of them, Xiaopeng Hua, only plays defense.  Except this game.  They brought him in as a fullback, just like the coaches did with Edison.  Hua is an international student at TKA.  This is his first year playing football.

After the game the two teams met midfield to hear a talk from the coaches and end in prayer.  Then the teams split and get a talk from their own coaches.  This next shot was a lucky one.  I was on the field, heard them breaking up from their huddle.  They were racing off the field to the locker room.  Edison is leading the charge.

As reported in the local paper the next day.  They misspelled Edison's name and have TKA's W-L record incorrect.  They are actually sitting at 3-5 right now.  No, not a stellar season, but the guys feel pretty good.

The Knoxville News Sentinel - October 13, 2012
Here's a link to a half minute video highlight on the local NBC station.

I'll return with card posts soon.  I promise.  Right now I'm just proud.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Baseball Paintings of Roger Patrick

Sometime in the last few weeks I came across the paintings of Roger and Christy Patrick.  Roger has done quite a few pieces with a baseball theme.  I wanted to share a few of them.

This, being mostly a card blog, should feature cards on occasion. 

Grid Painting #1
Oil on Canvas

Roger has an interesting style.  I'm not an art critic, but I know what I like.  I like this.  Some of his paintings are what I'd call 'stylistic'.  Accurate, but not defined.  I can't make out faces.  The chalk lines on the base paths are absent on one side.  All of the players are not proportional.  It doesn't matter.  The feeling is conveyed.  I like them.

Bush League
Oil on Canvas

While not baseball related, I had to share this.  I'm a sucker for good watercolors.  In my opinion this is a good watercolor.

Snow Alley

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A few days late and $5 short

But I'm not any more.

Yeah I'm talking about BoBuBingo. Topher, over at Crackin Wax, is hosting the second of his Charity Box Buster Bingo events in as many months.

I've been involved with a few of the BoBuBingo games.  It is fun. Sort of like regular bingo, but you get to watch Topher bust open a box.

He recently partnered with Panini, who donated a few boxes and some other stuff.  The first Charity BoBuBingo featured a box of Panini 2012 Rookies & Stars Football.  Four guaranteed hits.  All for $5 a BoBuBingo Card.

I'm not really a football card guy, so I let this one pass.  The football thing and I forgot about it.  I did just sign up for the next round.  The second Charity BoBuBingo will feature a box of Panini 2012 Cooperstown Collection.  Three guaranteed hits.  The game will take place on October 24, with the signups closing on October 19.

By this time you're probably asking, "Hey, how can I get in on this?"  Visit the Charity BoBuBingo page.  It has all the details.  Something you need to know.  The money you spend on a card doesn't go in Topher's pocket.  It goes to the American Red Cross.

So, if you are feeling charitable and want a chance to pick up some cards go visit Topher.