Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Put Slam-Dunk on Wildfire!

Doug Roth

Last week I stopped into a local thrift store.  I was looking for a copy of All the President's Men.  I didn't find a copy but did find some basketball cards.  It appears that this set was issued in 1989.

Clarence Swearengen

Don DeVoe coached at UT for 11 seasons.  He has a .598 winning percentage (204-137).  He is the second winningest men's basketball coach at UT, behind Ray Mears.
Don DeVoe

It appears that this set was issued in 1989, based on the copyright.

Greg Bell

UT has several mascots.  There's the over-sized costumed Smokey and the real Bluetick Coonhound.  This card features the costumed Smokey.  Smokey on the front, Smokey Bear on the back.

A UT basketball set wouldn't be complete with out a nod to Thompson-Boling Arena.  The court is now called "The Summitt" in honor of Pat Summitt.
Thompson-Boling Arena

There are another six cards I didn't scan.  For completeness I'll list them.
  • Rickey Clark
  • Mark Griffin
  • Travis Henry
  • Ian Lockhart
  • Dyron Nix
  • Ronnie Reese

I assume that this is a 12 card set.  I have three sets and some singles.  Anyone a UT collector?  College hoops?  Anyone?


  1. Did you ever find the book. I have a copy you can borrow

    1. Mark, no, I didn't find it. But I'm hot on the trail. My county library system doesn't have it, but amazon does. Probably at a price cheaper than it would cost to ship it back and forth. I'm very interested in the book but I'm not ready to read it right now. Thanks, though.

      Now, any extra 1971 Topps you might have, sure I'll gladly 'borrow' those. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

    2. Yes I can send a few more 71's along. A few years ago all the books by all the major players in the watergate coverup. Some pretty interesting reading.

  2. Hey is there any chance you will post the Ronnie Reese card?

    1. Elizabeth, sure. I posted it, and the rest of the cards from the set here.