Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Screwdown Card Holder

Now that my T206 Cy Barger card is being sent to me, I'd like to put it in a screwdown card holder designed for cigarette cards.

Pro-Mold has one for $1.25 each.  Plus $8.00 shipping.

BCW also has one for $2.05 each.  Plus $9.95 shipping.  

I'd like to purchase them, but the shipping would kill me.

I'm having a hard time finding any others.  I've asked my local card store if they have any, but I haven't yet heard back from them.

I'd be interested in any help or direction that anyone would like to share.

Bonus: Pro-Mold is giving away a sample of their magnetic holder.  Fill out the form.  

I'm half tempted to order the T206 holder, fill out the form for the free magnetic holder and ask them to combine the two.


  1. I'll check the local shop today when I stop by to pester them for Heritage that won't be there until Friday. If they have one I'll pick it up for you.

  2. Sorry man, no tobacco screwdowns at the local shop. plenty of vintage bowman and '50s Topps sized screwdowns though. Good luck finding an affordable one!