Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm smashed

No, that's just my pennies talking. I like Elongated Coins. Smashed Pennies. A few good sites are:
But, I digress. I wasn't looking for them, but I found a few machines on our family trip last summer. Here they are...

We took some time and visited Cincinnati and then headed towards Chicago. On the way back we spent the night just north of Indy and then hit up the Brickyard Museum.

They had baskets of packs of cards. Free for the taking. 8 cards in a pack. Non numbered. Advertising, but cool. I picked up three packs, one for me and one for each of the kids.

I guess the cards for me are just a reminder of the good times we had on that trip, seeing old friends, eating great food, sharing in memories and making new ones.


  1. Our girls love these! They call them squished pennies. When we travel they are always pleased to find a machine. We discoverd that Disneyland is a Squished Penny Paradise, but so are odd places like the Naval Academy in Colorado Springs.

  2. At Pac Bell Park on the right field arcade they used to have two penny smashing machines. That was when that area was sponsered by Old Navy. Now it's sponsered by Levi's and they took the machines out. They used to change what was smashed on the pennies each series according to who they were playing.

  3. My kids love smashed pennies. I even looked into putting in a smashed penny machine in our little town. The requirements are a little steep for my hometown. I might be able to swing one for Hope, Arkansas, though, given the 'historical' relevance...