Friday, February 6, 2009

Somebody's lying at Topps

I purchased this 2002 Topps Stadium Club World Champions Relics Orel Hershiser card on ebay some time ago. It is a nice card. My first Game Used card.

I just really looked at the text on the front and the back. They don't quite match.

From the front:
World Series Game Worn Jersey
and the back:
Congratulations! You just received an authentic regular season game used relic card of Orel Hershiser from 2002 Topps Stadium Club Baseball.
So, which one is it? A World Series Game Worn Jersey or a regular season game used relic? Clearly, it is a card. It is a part of a uniform.

I'm telling myself that it is WS Jersey.


  1. I have been trying to finish this set since 2002 and I never noticed that.

  2. Do players get new jerseys for the WS? I would think they still wear the regular season jerseys. And how many jerseys do they get a year? And do they really keep track of which one(s) got worn when? I know they sew WS patches on but I would guess that they would do that for all of their jerseys. It is an interesting dilemma.

  3. Weird. If I ever get my paws on the Leiter I'll let you know what it says.