Thursday, February 26, 2009

More fictitious cards

I was asked about the elements of the cards. The border was snagged from one of those annoying ads that try to entice you to get your degree online. While browsing the web I stumbled upon it. Yes, that borders (no pun intended) on 'theft.' But so does the amount they charge for some flunkie to grade your paper. We're even.

The player images are from Touching Second, a 1910 book by Evers and Fullerton. There are other books from google that are in the public domain that have some nice photos of baseball.

I'm still working on the backs. It is a diversion for me. I'll probably create a 20 card set, just for kicks. Half of it is the baseball cards, the other half is learning how to use some software. Combine them and voila! Happiness everywhere.

Other happiness... My T206 Cy Barger arrived. Special post forthcoming.


  1. Mark, these are awesome. Any chance you can find an old Det. Amer. to fit in there? Perhaps "Wahoo" Sam Crawford (I'm a little Cobb-ed out with all of his cards in 2009 Topps)
    Possible Picture?

  2. These look great! I've played with some and it works very well - especially for the price!