Friday, February 20, 2009

Would the hat-check girl

please find Mr. Carlton's hat?
1981 Topps League Leaders (card #5)

Thank you. I'll tip you later.
1981 Topps League Leaders (card #6)

Yet another reason I really like Topps' League Leader cards.


  1. Haha. That's pretty good. Carlton really looks like he is excited to be having his photo taken.

  2. very interesting . . . I wonder which picture was taken first ?

  3. Really funny. My first thought was Photoshop (okay, in 1980 it might have been hand retouching). But they're not the same picture. The "hat" one shows a lot more of the right-hand side of his neck in the sun. More of the grandstand roof is visible (at his hairline, over his back shoulder) in the "hat" one, also.

    Nice catch!

  4. The one WITH his hat on must have been taken first, because of the major hat hair he has in the first one. <---scientific analysis