Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sneak peak

There will be some new sets of college basketball cards due out this month.

About 2,000 sets of the University of Tennessee Men's Basketball cards will be produced and distributed in the month of February at two different UT vs. SEC opponent games.

There will be an All Century Team set (20 cards) and a Current Team set (16 cards).

Here is a sample card that I received earlier today from a local sports card hobby shop, Sports Treasures, one of the sponsors of the sets.

Disclaimer: I know Eddie Barkley, owner of Sports Treasures. I am currently helping him rebuild his website, although we do not have a formal contract. It is more of a "I can help you and maybe you'll give me some store credit?" type of agreement. Eddie has given me permission to post this preview card. I was not promised any compensation for promoting this, although it would be nice.

updated: February 4, 2009

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    Is there any way you can find out how I can get a set? I am a HUGE UT fan. When I was a youngster Johnny Majors let me run the balls to the players on the practice field one day.
    This is awesome!