Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pinch me, I'm a runner

In reading The Last Nine Innings before drifting off to sleep last night/this morning, I read about Herb Washington, a specialist. In the mid-1970s he was a brought to the Athletics to steal bases. He didn't bat, he didn't field. He did steal 31 bases in 105 games spread out over two seasons. And he had a baseball card. 1975 Topps #407.

Always good for a pinch runner to wear a batting glove. You don't want that pine tar messing up your hands. The mere presence of that white glove helps tone down the green/yellow of the uniform against the ... I don't even know how to describe those pinkish/purplish colors.

Oh, I had some other interesting comments about Mr. Washington, his career and this card, but research shows me that I was beat to the punch over two years ago. Josh does a very nice job at his blog and I don't want to just cut and paste. That wouldn't be very nice of me.

But, this card has reconfirmed my idea about an upcoming contest. I can't announce it yet because I don't have the complete answer, but I'm working on it. Stay tuned. Or better yet, check back because I'm not updating this post.

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  1. Josh wasn't the only one who did a post on Herb Washington. Check out mine:

    The comments, particularly one, are rather interesting.