Monday, March 1, 2010

Smoke Cards

No geegaws here. And no Tony Stewart cards. After buying the Ethel Green silk and the Freedom's War card got me on a non-modern non-sports card kick. No, I'm not going to be buying anything that doesn't have a baseball player, hockey player, football player, you name the sport. I was just interested to see what else was out there. I knew about the flags of the nation cards. And the original Champions of the World type cards. But I went to one of my favorite image sites. The Life Archives at Google. After experimenting with some searches I settled on this one...

These are portions of the images that came back. Bugs. Military men and the medals they wear. Composers and musicians. Characters. Kings and Queens. Men in skirts. Cowboys and knights. And real footballers.

These are from tobacco companies in the UK. I don't know exactly which companies or how the sets are cataloged. I don't know a lot about them, but I know that I like to look at them.


  1. That footballer set looks like a fun one to collect! Maybe I should send you some Brooke Bond Tea card extras I have. :)

  2. The "men in skirts" had me a bit worried. But those are manly skirts. You're safe again.