Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gently Loved Cards

I was drawing another blank this evening, wondering what to post. Yes, I got a new auction catalog in the mail late last week. I haven't even opened it. And I received a few trade packages. One I've opened and one I haven't. One package is nice cards of OH. The other is obviously a bip, one that I invited.

So, I pulled the big binder o' cards from under the bed and took a quick look. Here's what I found.

1964 Topps, Tony LaRussa (card #244)

This is Tony's Rookie Card. Note the pinhole in the T of Athletics. The second T. How many times do they really need to put the player's number on his jersey?

1960 Topps, Chicago Bears Team Card (card # 21)

The schmutz on the front is wax. I always thought that it was some roller marking. The back is clear and clean. Actually, this is a nice card. The overcoat guy looks like he almost could be the mascot.

1965 Topps, Milt Pappas (card #270)

This card has some moisture damage on the right side and the smallest bit of surface wear. From the back I learned that Milt played in Knoxville in 1957. He recorded 9 Strike Outs and 10 Bases on Balls in 3 games. 1 loss and and ERA of 4.91. Go, Milt!

1970-71 Topps, NHL Assists Leaders (card #2)

The Bruins had quite the team that year. No one was selfish. They had the top 3 players in Assists. Bobby Orr had 102. Phil Esposito had 76. Johnny Bucyk had 65. Wait, there's more. Coming in at the fourth spot is Ken Hodge had 62. Slow down, Wayne Cashman was fifth with 58. Tied for sixth was Fred Stanfield with 52. They have six of the top spots. For posterity sake Stanfield was tied with Jude Drouin and Bobby Hull. Fine company.

1967 Topps, Whitey Ford (card #5)

Creases, we got creases. And corners so round you'd... well, you'd do whatever it is you do with round corners. From Baseball-Reference.com I find that Whitey attended the Manhattan School of Aviation. Cool.


  1. I got a '64 LaRussa autographed at spring training in Yuma, AZ back in the late '80s early '90s. Dunno where the heck it is...

  2. You find a lot of vintage with pinholes, hehe... I always smile at it, thinking of some kid tacking his favorite player over his bed. Somewhere it changed to posters... I think Farrah Fawcett had something to do with that.

  3. My money's on the artificial pin shortage that Johnny Carson caused by one of the jokes in his monologue.

    Well, maybe.