Friday, March 26, 2010

Huggins & Scott Auction Followup

The Huggins & Scott two day auction concluded earlier this week.

Let's see what how the items I selected turned out...

Lot 137
Johnston Cookies Complete Set of cards with Display Poster
Opening Bid: $400
Final Bid: $600

1887 Old Judge N172 Amos Rusie
Opening Bid: $300
Final Bid: $1,700

1912 S110 Baseball Silk Pillowcase
Opening Bid: $1,200
Final Bid: $1,300

1910 Williams Caramel E103 Ty Cobb
Opening Bid: $200
Final Bid: $700

Esskay Meats Bob Alexander Complete Box
Opening Bid: $7,500
Final Bid: $16,000

Not bad. More than I carry around in my wallet, but not bad.


  1. That Esskay boggles my fragile mind. :O

  2. Are these the lots you picked up? I missed out - can't spend any darn money because of the house....grrrr....nice Cobb pick up if you got that Mark!

  3. Marvin,

    I have only bid once on any of these catalog auctions, and that was to keep my catalog subscription valid.

    No, I blog about these catalog auctions to keep my readers informed of what is out there. Just a slice of the items, but generally the items interest me in some way.

    And I collect on the cheap, which rules out many of these auctions.

    Thanks for asking.