Friday, March 12, 2010

Thoughtful Cards

Yeah, I'm sure that the blog post title of "Thoughtful Cards" has been used before when one is posting about cards from Adam of Thoughts and Sox.

Out of the blue, Adam sent me an envelope with just two cards.

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites, Carl Erskine (card #24)

1961 Topps, Earl Wilson (card #69)

Both of these are players I collect. I already have these cards. I'm not complaining at all, even though it sounds like I just did. I'm very thankful I have them. I'm going to send the Carl to Anderson, Indiana, to see if Mr. Erskine feels like signing it. The Earl, I'm going to take to work. Put it next to my computer screen. Remind me of the Heritage. No, not the cards, but the Heritage of baseball. The Heritage of Black Baseball.

No, Earl Wilson didn't play in the Negro Leagues, but as the first black player signed to Boston, I'm sure that he heard some comments from the stands and perhaps his fellow players.

I was able to visit the McClung Historical Collection in Knoxville earlier this week. I took a long lunch after being released from Jury Duty and transcribed a week's worth of newspaper stories about Black Baseball in and around Knoxville. From 1921.

Very interesting stuff. This Sunday afternoon I'll be attending a talk and presentation about Negro League Baseball at a local library. Rick Mosley will share his boardgame, Legends of the Game and Bryan Steverson will present the talk portion of the afternoon. I've been in contact with Bryan over the last six weeks or so and he's been a great encouragement in my pursuit of information on the Knoxville Black Giants.

So, thank you very much, Adam. Unexpected gifts are always welcome.

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  1. No Hershiser cards so that is the best I could do. I hope your TTM gets returned.