Saturday, March 20, 2010

Huggins & Scott March Auction Catalog

I, like others, am behind on many things. I haven't posted for a few days (sorry, Alex). So, this is a timely post, for the Huggins & Scott two day auction will happen this coming week. Actually the auction is currently in progress. It wraps up this week.

I've done reviews of catalogs using various methods, cheap, man cave decorating, no holds barred, etc.

Let's see what category this review will fit in, shall we?

Lot 137
Johnston Cookies Complete Set of cards with Display Poster
Opening Bid: $400
Current Bid: $425

There's something about completion. When every slot is filled. When there are no missing pieces. The players in this set are unmatched. The simplicity and slight variations (bust shots and a few action shots) add to the charm.

1887 Old Judge N172 Amos Rusie
Opening Bid: $300
Current Bid: $1,200

Mostly because it is a baseball card over 120 years old. I don't know much about Amos Rusie. But I like this card. For being graded FAIR, it looks in great shape to me.

1912 S110 Baseball Silk Pillowcase
Opening Bid: $1,200
Current Bid: $1,200

This item was a mail-in offer. Send in five players and get this. Kids had to love their dads for smoking. I wonder if the kid had dreams about the players as he drifted off to sleep.

1910 Williams Caramel E103 Ty Cobb
Opening Bid: $200
Current Bid: $210

Ty Cobb. You liked him or you didn't. Most didn't. But he could play ball and was always straight up with you. You might not like to see his spikes flying at you, but he'd generally warn you that he was coming at you if you did something he didn't like. This card has a lot of character. Not even grade-able on SGA's number scale. And it is from a candy company.

Esskay Meats Bob Alexander Complete Box
Opening Bid: $7,500
Current Bid: $10,000

Nothing says baseball like being featured on the bottom of a box of processed meat. But this is a rare find. This is only the second complete Esskay meat box to be offered for public sale. How many more baseball doodles can they fit on the sides of the box?

So, what's the category? Food? Nope. Vintage? Sort of. Oddball? Maybe. Stuff that I like and probably would never even contemplate getting? Sure, we'll go with that.

Bids current as of Saturday evening, March 20th.


  1. Alex is sleeping right now but I will alert him to this post in the morning.

    He really has nothing to talk about as his last post was in December.

  2. Those Esskay doodles have a real Peanuts quality to them! Very cool.

  3. Wasn't there a Milk Duds baseball card set? Cards on the boxes like those Esskays? *orders catalog* Thanks for the heads up!