Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cards from Marvin

Marvin, over at Trade Bait - The Great Chase!, sent me an envelope the other day. The main purpose of it was to include the "Where is Cliff Lee today?" card. He also included two packs of cards for my daughter, Caroline.

We've got some Nintendogs.

And we've got some Littlest Pet Shop. To me, all the LPS pets look the same. I couldn't tell the butterfly from the basset hound. Really.

Caroline likes puppies.

Here's a modified pack break...

The video was taken with my BlackBerry, so the quality is not great (read: a bit grainy). I wouldn't suggest that you make the video screen size larger.

So, here's Cliff Lee today. I'll be putting him in a package that should go out on Friday. Cliff, it has been nice knowing you.

Marvin, thanks. It is a pleasure to know you.