Saturday, March 6, 2010

Naughty Baseball Books

Just like the Collective Troll, I can't spell. It isn't "Naughty Baseball Books", but Knotty Problems of Baseball. And some other books. Sorry for any confusion.

1970 Edition - it appears to never have been opened.

1990 Edition - updated to include 20 years of rule changes.

Classic(s). Need I say more?

Originally published in The New Yorker. Another classic.

I like David Nemec books.

1985 Edition. Not a sit down and read at one time book, but fun in bite sized morsels.

My brother might have picked this one up for me at his library's book fair.

Another David Nemec book.

Yep, the same book that I got from the Seymour Public Library. Sans autograph.

Commissioner Fay talks to players. Including Carl Erskine.

And like Marck, Fay can't spell either. I'm not "Big Jim" I'm Mark. No C. Just Mark. Get it right next time. Please. (Yes, he did autograph the book.)

I purchased all these books at the Friends of the Knox County Public Library annual book sale. The great thing? Today was the last day of the sale. That means "bag day". All the books you can stuff into a plastic grocery bag for just $3. I got all these and 6 books for Caroline into the bag.

I'll be reading some of them, keeping one or two for reference, sending some off to Arizona (yes, Dad, that means you), and offering a few up for as contest prizes. No, I don't know what or when the next contest will be.

I'm headed off to bed to do some reading.


  1. Yup - the Koufax book is headed your way, by car.

  2. I have a few book sales I'm hitting this month. I'll have to keep my eye out for baseball stuff... I usually chase after weirder tomes.