Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catch Up

As usual, I have too many kettles on the stove. So, it is time for me to regroup. By writing it down here I can more easily put my thoughts in order.

Here we go:

I've been a sounding board for Beardy as he traces Babe Ruth's 1923 barnstorming tour. This has caused me to look at old newspapers. What do I find? Stories about the Colored House of David (CHoD) touring baseball team playing in northern New York. There's a rabbit hole for me.  I've started a bibliography to document what I've found. Not ready for prime time, but I wanted to this one documented correctly. Or at least better than I've handled other projects.

I sent out some email to fellow SABR researchers. All were very helpful. Peter Gorton, who is researching John Wesley Donaldson, shared some of the relationship between John Donaldson and the CHoD.   Wayne Stivers shared some info as the HoD is one of his interests.  Dr. Leslie Heaphy, Associate Professor of History at Kent State, Stark, and author of a number of books on Negro League Baseball and history sent me the 10th Annual Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference Souvenir Booklet from 2007.  She wrote an article on the CHoD.  She also wrote articles on the Zulu Cannibals barnstorming team and the Harlem Globetrotters playing baseball.  Fascinating stuff.  Thanks all.

I received in my SportLots.com package.  Need to sort and put in binders my haul.  Then post about it.  Of course.

I also received a trade package from Johnny of Cards from the Quarry.  I need to get his Stack-O-Rockies cards out to him.  Tonight will be trade packing night.  I've got a few others.

I've been busy with Zistle, my choice of card organizing.  I've been contributing set checklists and card scans.  Now I need to focus on my collection.

On Saturday I went to the Smokies' shop in Kodak.  I picked up several team set from years gone by.

Also, another plug for Got it. Got it. Need it.  If you want to share your want lists with other collectors, this is the place to do it.  Your one stop shop for all your want list needs.

I need to say a public thank you to All About Cards for a fantastic contest.  Even though I didn't win, they offered a sweet prize of eight boxes of cards from a variety of sports and manufacturers.  Thank you.

And I'm proud of myself, I've been able to maintain my three times a week posting at my Old Knoxville Baseball blog.  Nothing stellar, but just good old solid baseball news from days gone by.

So, you can see that I've spread myself too thin.  But I'm okay with it. 

To finish things off, a few sports advertisements from the pages of the newspapers from the Northern New York Library Network's historical newspaper collection.


  1. Thanks for mentioning zistle. I've been looking for something like this that I wouldn't have to pay for. Keep up the good work, and don't spread yourself too thin, pitchers and catchers report in less than a week, soon we'll have real live baseball to watch again.

  2. If main bouts are eight rounds, how bad must Baby Face and Honey Boy be that they're going 34? They're the under-under-under-undercard.