Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Look and Stuff

I'm currently fighting the flu.  Yeah me.  So, I'll have a bit of time the next few days to sort cards, scan cards, put cards in packages to go out.  That sort of thing.

You probably noticed the new look.  This is to honor Marck, over at the Collective Troll blog.  He's been super busy lately and hopes to blog again very soon.  Until then, and maybe for some time after that,  I'll keep the new look.  Marck, relax and get back to us when you can.

I got to run down to the local card shop earlier this week.  Picked up a few cards and some card pages.  I've found it quite joyful to complete a page.

I've been reading Jane Leavey's Sandy Koufax.  And The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract.

My order from SportsLots came in .

And there's a contest afoot at Clear Cut Cards.

I'm headed off to get some sleep.  To paraphrase the Collective Troll, Mark out.


  1. I really enjoyed the Jane Leavy Koufax book. Like the look very soothing.

  2. I feel so honored!!! For a while... Thanks Mark!!! marck/troll out!

  3. Nice look and a nice gesture.

    And since we're paraphrasing, I'll paraphrase Tenacious D.

    This is not the greatest blog in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

  4. And I must have missed it the first time....get better soon!