Friday, February 11, 2011

NASCAR - Before and After card

The NASCAR season is almost upon us.  Yes, most of you are baseball fans. But my wife is a NASCAR fan. Actually, she enjoys most sports. Even curling.

I saw these photos and knew that something had to come of them.

Jack Smith started 14th that day and only completed 210 laps. He collected $100 in prize money. Fireball Roberts won the race and received $13,220. It pays to keep your wheels touching the pavement at all times.

Jack had two wins that season, 21 wins in his career. He was one of the original drivers in the NASCAR series.  He passed away in 2001.  Visit for his biography.

Images from the Life archives at Google and the fonts are from


  1. nice! good to see NASCAR getting some love.

  2. That door metal looks great for having become a rocket. Times have changed a bit in the 50+ years since then. That car looks stock - almost "drive it off the showroom floor" stock.

    It's good to get some racing again. Thanks for this.