Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Worthy Auction

I found a link to an interesting auction on ebay. In The Game cards is auctioning off an uncut sheet of their Heroes & Prospects Baseball Hits line.

Currently the bidding is up to $560.00.  Still nine days to get those bids in.  Update: It sold for $635.

Some people really like uncut sheets. I don't have a suitable area in the house to display those, and they really aren't my thing.

The reason that I'm writing about this auction isn't because of the really cool item, but the organization that will benefit from the sale of this sheet. Special Olympics.

I don't know why ITG is supporting Special Olympics. There are many worthy causes to aid.  But this auction is supporting an organization that means a good deal to me.

My daughter, Caroline, is still too young to participate in Special Olympics. In a few years she can.  This last weekend, while watching Sports Center on television, she said, "Daddy, if I get bigger I can play football.  And you can play with me.  But not Edison's friends.  They're too big."

Caroline and Edison
The King's Academy, 2010

So, take a look at the auction.  Bid on it if you can.  If you can't bid, at least drop In The Game a note thanking them for their support of Special Olympics.


  1. Great photo of your kids! Very cool that ITG is in support as well!

  2. Nice looking kids! In theory I like the idea uncut sheets too, but the reality is that I don't really have a place to display them either. They look nice though.

  3. Wonderful photo of the kids. Special Olympics as an organization rocks.

    Our jury is out regarding uncut sheets; they're both cool and chaotic looking.