Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1991 ProCards - Knoxville Blue Jays team set

This last Saturday I spent part of the day out and about with my daughter. We went to Popeye's Chicken for lunch, to the library for some reading time and we ended up at the gift shop at Smokies' Ballpark.

Last season they had several team sets from previous years.  They were discounted, but were still about $5 a set. A fair price, but more than I wanted to spend.  On Saturday they had a big tub of sets for a $1 each.

Caroline and I started to sort.  She was a great help and I came away with seven team sets and two All-Star sets.  I'll start with the earliest set that I picked up on Saturday.

I was just in my second year of marriage when these came out.  I wasn't in Knoxville yet, but I think that the posed photos were taken at old Bill Meyer Stadium.

I'd call this the "Stenographer's Set".  I selected Rob Wishnevski to show because he was born in Hammond, IN.  Just like my wife.  Rob is one of two different Wishnevskis to play in the minors.  The other was Michael.  I don't know if they are related, but I'd put some money on it.

I didn't recognize many of the players featured in this 28 card set.  Jeff Kent caught my eye.  He had a decent run in the Majors, with several All-Star games and an MVP trophy in 2000.

Wow.  Vince Horsman jumped back and forth between Knoxville and Dunedin quite a bit.  At the time, Dunedin was Toronto's Single A team.  It is located in Florida.  About 676 miles south of Knoxville.  Just hop on I-75.  I wonder how many different Waffle Houses Vince stopped at as he traveled that route.

Here's the checklist for the set:
1760 Nathaniel Cromwell
1761 Jesse Cross
1762 Darren Hall
1763 Vince Horsman
1764 Jimmy Rogers
1765 Rick Trlicek
1766 Anthony Ward
1767 Dave Weathers
1768 Woody Williams
1769 Rob Wishnevski
1770 Randy Knorr
1771 Jose Monzon
1772 Jason Townley
1773 Domingo Cedeno
1774 Ray Gianelli
1775 Jeff Kent
1776 Mike Taylor
1777 Julian Yan
1778 Mark Young
1779 Juan DeLaRosa
1780 Bobby DeLoach
1781 Bernie Nunez
1782 Paul Rodgers
1783 Ryan Thompson
1784 John Stearns
1785 Mike McAlpin
1786 Steve Mingori
1787 Checklist

I've put them in binder pages.  All is right with the world.


  1. Nice set. I have quite a few of these old Blue Jays farm team sets. I think Woody Williams did pretty well in the majors.

  2. Michael & Ron Wishnevski are brothers...and my uncles. :)