Friday, February 25, 2011

More Topps Cards in Dynamite Magazine Found

At the end of 2009 I wrote a post about Topps baseball cards that were included with Dynamite Magazine.  It is now the second most popular post on this blog, second only to the Orel Hershiser Tattoo post.  That one is only the most popular because I have included a photo of Josh Hamilton.  A lot of people search for photos of Josh Hamilton.

Back to the Dynamite Magazine...

image lifted from this ebay auction

The April 1978 issue (#47) included six 1978 Topps cards.

Bill Travers
Floyd Bannister
Jerry Augustine
Larry Biittner
Moose Haas
Jack Billingham


  1. I used to like Dynamite magazine when I was a kid. My sister had a subscription but would never let me read it.

    She wasn't always home though.

  2. Loved Dynamite magazine growing up... but never knew some of them had cards in them.