Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Huggins & Scott Auction - Man Cave Edition

I need to start these auction posts earlier. The catalog arrived right around Labor Day. The actual auction is on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. That's right. Today and tomorrow. Or yesterday and today, depending on when you read this.

When I've reviewed auction catalogs in the past, I've gravitated towards what I like, tried to set a spending limit, etc. This time I'm going at it from the angle of: "Could I decorate a Man Cave with the items in this catalog?"

Now, I know that there are some women that read my blog, so I'm not trying to be sexist in any manner. It could also be a Woman Cave. I really don't care. Man Cave just carries a connotation with it.

Before I start decorating this den of testosterone, let me talk about the catalog itself.

As usual, Huggins & Scott published another great looking catalog. 327 full-color slick pages. 1,555 lots. Baseball. Autographs. Football. Basketball. Boxing & Wrestling. Hockey. Modern Inserts. Mulit-Sport. Other Sports. Americana. They've got it all. And they shipped the hefty catalog to me via Priority Mail.

Now, on to the decorating of the room. I'm assuming that it will be paneled, with a few recliner chairs, a small wet bar, a decent sized wide screen TV, a fireplace. The usual. I tried to focus on a variety of sports, not focusing in totally on baseball.

Every Man Cave needs a pinball machine. I'd suggest a Stern 1980 Muhammad Ali Pinball Machine ($850).

Tastefully hanging around the wet bar could be several of the 15 Multi-Sport Vintage Pennants ($220).

On the fireplace mantle I would place several of the Sports Statues Collection - With (10) Signed Salvinos ($500).

For the walls I have several options. I'd definitely hang the 1961-62 Shirriff/Salada Hockey Coins Complete Set (120/120) with Shields ($800).
I think that over the mantle would I would place the three and a half foot 1939 Washington Redskins Panoramic Photograph - With Arcade Pontiac Ad ($250).
On a wall by the wet bar would go the John Wayne Signed Magazine Cover ($325). That's manly.
Over in a corner I would put the Shibe Park Original Seat Pair ($300). That's manly, in a nostalgic way.
While sitting in them you could peruse the 2007 Topps Co-Signers Dual Auto Moon Shot Set ($900). We need to have some baseball cards in there. Manly in a scientific kind of way.

Then, what would make a Man Cave complete? That's right. A 1959 Fleer Three Stooges Complete PSA Graded Set ($2,300). Enough said.

That's how I'd decorate the Man Cave from the latest Huggins & Scott auction catalog.

Note: Prices listed are the current bids as of the time of composition. They do not include any Buyer's Premium.


  1. Man, there is some VERY cool things in there!! If you build it, can I come over? :-)

  2. I got my catalog on the 16th of this month. The bidding started on the 13th.
    By the time I picked out a few items I'd like to bid on, the bidding had already passed by my limit.

    By a lot.