Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gint-A-Cuffs - Finally Over

Gint-A-Cuffs is finally over. May it rest in peace.

Chris (Fan of Reds), from the Nachos Grande blog, was declared the prize winner.

As Commissioner, I'd like to thank Topps for providing the prize (a hobby box of 2009 A&G), Beardy for thinking this foolish thing up, the contestants (who tried to find the weirdest loopholes in a set of rules that a Sherman Tank could have driven through without causing much havoc).

I'd like to say that it has been fun. Really, I'd like to.

I need to do some scoreboard updating in the coming days.

And then I need to finish a book that I'm going to review. No, no sports, but I have mentioned the author on this blog. No, this isn't a contest. I'll give an update on that later.

Right now, sleep calls. After I read some more of the book.

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