Monday, September 7, 2009


No cards tonight. Kind of quiet.
  • I've got that Commissioner thing going on over at Gint-A-Cuffs.
  • I've been playing with my new BlackBerry.
  • Went to Nashville to watch Edison's football team win their second in a row.
  • Boomsday, baby!
  • I hit a deer tonight. Waited for about an hour for the sheriff deputy to show up. He had an incident at a market. A guy with a gun. I'm okay. The car? We'll see. I won't show pictures because there are still parts of the deer stuck in various creases of the vehicle.
  • My wife's getting sick. Not because of the deer, just the sickness that's going around. Yes, we have confirmed H1N1 at church and at the local schools.
  • I slept wrong and have a crick in my neck.
  • Fantasy Football Fiasco.
But, I've got a few posts floating around in my head. Maybe they'll spill out onto the keyboard. Happy Labor Day.


  1. Sorry about the car, the neck and the wife. But a fantasy football fiasco? That IS tragic. Just kidding, hope the wife gets well soon.

  2. Hitting a deer is the worst! It's amazing how much damage those critters can do. Hope your wife feels better soon! Don't worry about the Fantasy fiasco, you never know how the season will play out, and find you might not have done so bad after all.

  3. Fiasco schmiasco. We're playing football, and you trounced the competition last week. Life is (relatively) good.