Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winnings from Play at the Plate

Brian, over at the wonderful blog, Play at the Plate, won this year's edition of Gint-A-Cuffs.  For winning, he received a hobby box of 2010 A&G, courtesy of Topps.

Being the kind soul that he is, he offered the hits from the box to the participants of GAC2.  Although I wasn't a contestant in that fiasco, I did invest myself in it as commissioner.  I grabbed the Nationals in Brian's hits giveaway.

Lady Luck was with me.  An Adam Dunn relic card was pulled.

And just today, Washington offered Dunn arbitration.  He wants a four year deal.  They don't want to give it to him.  This might be one of the last Dunn relic cards with him wearing the scripty W.

The border card is rather garish for my tastes, but it works.  There's enough plastic on this thing to cover all of my Thanksgiving leftovers, but Topps still found a way to let the wood of the bat poke through.  I like that. 

So, Brian, thank you for the card.  Let's see what Gint-A-Cuffs III holds in store.

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  1. Thanks again for running the show. I'm looking forward to round 3.