Saturday, November 6, 2010

Packs Gone Wild - Part 2

Yes, another post concerning the "Packs Gone Wild" package that Marck sent.  I only share his name, not his handle (The Collective Troll), so that you'd all see what a horrid mistake his parent's made at the hospital when they named him.  Now, that isn't nice of me.  Perhaps it was the recording secretary that added the extra, and unnecessary C to his name.  I'll have to ask him about it some time.

On to the packs...

1988 Topps American Baseball.  I guess that these were manufactured and sold in the British Isles and across Europe.

Nothing says American Baseball like a Yankees card.  And a base burglar at that.

And yes, another Giants card.  No, I'm not trying to tick off the Night Owl.  I'm trying to be a bigger man and subtly congratulate the San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series.  I was rooting for the Rangers.

Wow.  Topps went all out on the backs.  Year stats.  Life(time) stats.  Autograph.  Cartoon with trivia.  And some "Talkin' Baseball" which explains some of the more common events about the game.  Like a Triple Play.

Then a nice pack from the 2004 National Trading Card Day.

For some reason I assumed that they'd all be baseball cards.  I was wrong.  12 cards in the set.  4 sports per set.  3 cards per sport.  1 set per pack.  Easy to complete the set.  Good photos, a nice mix of sports and players.  Decent design.  Clean.  Good to get the kids hooked on.

We have American Football.  This one was selected for Louis.  It is a Lions card.  They don't get much respect.

Here's a Rocco for Marck.  Maybe Marck could donate that pesky C to Rocco.  He could use another one. Roccco.  It just rolls off the tongue.

The Shaq is for me.  Not so much because I like him, but he's been recently spotted near my town.

And another for Louis.  The kid does play hockey, you know.  And his dad is a voluminous blogger.

And that's another post from the generosity that is The Collective Troll.

Still more to come.  I've got some 1988 Score, 1994 Fleer and some hot Russian Space Chicks*.

* Disclaimer:
I haven't opened the SpaceShots pack yet.
I don't know if there are any cards of Russians.
Or of Russian Women.
Or how attractive they are.
It is just a tease.

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  1. Louis who is presently recovering from his hockey game says "thank you". Charles Rogers used to live 2 miles from us until he got sent to prison for being a habitual DUI guy.

    Sometime those first round guys just don't work out.