Monday, November 22, 2010

Jon Matsumoto - fictitious card

Through the wonder that is FaceBook, I have connected with long forgotten friends, family, and classmates.

One of my classmates, Frank McKeon, was quite a sharp young man back in the 1970s.  If my memory is correct, we shared classes from the 4th grade through the 10th grade, when I moved from upstate New York to Arizona.

Frank was quite the character, respectfully pushing the limits of 'normal' social behavior.  I never knew him as a trouble maker, but he had the look of one.  He introduced me to some 'new' music.  Alice Cooper and ELO.  I liked Frank.  We weren't best buddies, but we were friends.

A few weeks ago Frank mentioned on his FaceBook status:
Congrats to Jonathon Matsumoto on your first game in the NHL. Many more to come.
I wondered where Frank knew him. I looked up Jonathan Matsumoto on wikipedia and saw that he had played for the Adirondack Phantoms. I thought that Frank had seen him play for them. So I asked. Frank said that:
Jon and Claude Giroux both played for me and trained with me. Great kids but Jon is a very Close friend as well.
So, I figured I'd make a card for Jon.

This is based on a 1990 Score card. I lifted the photo from a Yahoo! Sports page. Credit where credit is due: Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images.

I guess I need to make a card for Claude now.

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  1. Another Japanese hockey player? Guess I'll be adding another name to my PC. Thanks for sharing... that's a sweet custom.