Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jinxed - A book review

I picked this up from the county library system at the end of September. I'm just now blogging about it. I need a life.

The book looks at the superstitions or routines of about 70 mostly former baseball players. Some of them fell into the categories of "not stepping on the foul line" or "I only eat a specific food on game day". Others were a bit, well, odder. Tossing away batting gloves until the player would get a hit. Always wearing a Mr. Happy Crack T-shirt.  I guess they would be odd for me.

It seems that the players and coaches that Ken Leiker describes aren't that different than you or me.  We all have a favorite shirt to wear to the office.  Before a big presentation, we like to have our favorite meal.  It calms us down, sets us in a groove.  Does that make us superstitious or just creatures of habit?  I'll go with the second one.  But, I'm not getting paid millions of dollars to throw, hit or catch a baseball.  Maybe they're not crazy, just eccentric.

The book was a very easy read. Just 128 pages.  Not a whole lot of text to drag you down.  The graphics are wonderful, very whimsical and stylized.  I wouldn't go out and buy it but it is nice to pass the rainy days of autumn away.  Support your local library.

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  1. I've been interested in that one for a while now... If only my library was open on Sunday...