Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Uncommon Experience at

About a week and a half ago I placed an order with  It turns out that their customer service is well above their name.  One mistake in the order and two preemptive corrections.  Works out just fine for me.

I'm trying to complete Series One of the 1971 Topps set without breaking the bank.  Condition be darned.  Several bloggers (and a reader), a few OBC members, Listia, and my local card shop have helped me get closer to my goal*.  I can add Just Commons to that list.

I ordered 38 1971 Topps cards, condition ranging from GD to EX.  Prices ranged from 20¢ to 75¢, with the average price being 35¢ each.

Can you spot the mistake?
1971 Topps
Jose Laboy (card # 132)

No, of course you can't.  I ordered up card #32 (Jerry DaVanon).  They sent card #132 (Jose Laboy).  The Laboy card is so off center, top to bottom, that it cropped the 1 out of the 132.  They had it misfiled.  Honest mistake.  I needed the Laboy, so no harm, no foul.

Now let's look at their preemptive corrections.  I received the following email from them:
Shipped out your order but sorry as two cards were in worse condition then stated. Cards #97 and #126 should have been in Poor condition instead of Good.  Refunded the .40 for them but sent them with package in case you wanted them.
Rest were good.
Let's look at the cards in question.
1971 Topps
Floyd Wicker (card # 97)

The lower right corners are gone.  I would agree that they are in Poor condition.  But it doesn't matter to me.  I appreciated them letting me know and the refund.  With the refund in place that drops the average price per card to 34¢.  The cards arrived quickly and in good packaging.
1971 Topps
Danny Coombs (card # 126)

I'm good with those.

If you want a excellent pricing and great customer service, visit and place an order.  Free shipping on orders over $10.

* By my count I've got 61 of the 132 cards in Series One.  Halfway there.  Here's my 1971 Topps checklist.


  1. I've placed probably 30 orders with them over the years... started back when he was Mr Mem.
    I've only placed 2-3 since they started charging for shipping.
    And I think in about 25 of those orders, there is always a mistake. A card missing. Or two. Or a card sent instead of the one I wanted...
    They are quick to refund my pennies... unfortunately it's the card I want, no the pennies. Of course they won't send them to make up for it. They just offer to hold them for my next order. Which now that they charge shipping is a looooooooong way off.

    That said, I still shop there every once in awhile because they are the only ones that offer that service.

  2. They do have good prices on cards, and if you get above the $10 free shipping threshold and the $50 discount code threshold (I think it's 10% off) the prices look even better. Their packaging is less than ideal on smaller orders (in my opinion) and they are prone to making mistakes or having cards that you order out of stock, but if you are looking to fill out a set without a lot of regard for condition they offer a pretty wide range of selection. I guess that doesn't sound like much of a glowing review. They fill a specific niche that I appreciate, but I am generally frustrated at least once during the order/shipping process and then again when I get loosely-packed cards in a bubble mailer, with the cards on the top and bottom of the stack absorbing damage to corners and edges that could be easily prevented with a couple of top loaders or pieces of cardboard.

  3. Okay, it sounds like everyone doesn't have a good experience with JustCommons. Sorry about that. Mine was good. Your mileage may vary.

  4. Good luck with the set.. I have a few more I can send your way.... Finished set about three weeks ago..

  5. I've had only one experience with JustCommons and it was good. Cards came really quick and in good condition.

  6. I have avoided Just Commons. I think their prices are higher than what I find at Sportslots. Granted, I am not going after cards older than 10 years, so maybe vintage is different. I just find that, even if you get above $10 for the free shipping, you need a heck of an order to beat the prices at Sportslots.

  7. I used to have a bunch of off condition 71s. I'm going to have to check out your list...

  8. Glad to hear you had a positive experience. I've purchased stuff from them a few times. Most of the time there aren't any hiccups... but the last time I purchased something from them there were a few cards that were discovered to be "out of stock". I was pretty bummed out.