Saturday, May 17, 2014

Louisville Slugger Tags

If you're an observant reader of this blog you'll notice that I'm reusing some of the images from yesterday's post.  Thanks to Greg Z I finally added one of the cards I've wanted for a while.  It has always bugged me that I've seen various dates for these cards.  1982-1989.  I understand that they aren't really cards, but a bit of merchandising.  A tag that hangs off the glove, until little Jimmy rips it off so he can go pitch like the Bulldog.
1986 Louisville Slugger Tag
Orel Hershiser

I've decided to identify this as a 1986 card.  Why?  Because the stats on the back refer to Orel's 1985 season.  Now, how do I add that into Zistle?  I don't know yet.  Please note the error on the back of the card.  The printer left the "y" off of the end of Bradsby.  This must be uber-rare.

COMC has two Louisville Slugger cards listed.  The dates are 1980-89.  That doesn't help much.

Ah, ebay, the information well that is only trumped by wikipedia.  Off I go.

A few sellers are offering up this item.  One of them is kind enough to show the back.

1989 Louisville Slugger Tag
Orel Hershiser

This shows info from the 1988 season.  I'd call this a 1989 issue.

TeamSets4U has the date range listed as 1981-1993.  Here's how they listed the Dodgers in this set:

1981-1993 Louisville Slugger - DODGERS
  • Steve Garvey '81
  • Pedro Guerrero '82
  • Orel Hershiser '86
  • Orel Hershiser '88
  • Orel Hershiser '89
  • Orel Hershiser '90
  • Eric Davis '93

So, like some heck-bent maniac, I want to see the other Hershiser backs.

Show 'em if you got 'em.

UPDATE: Greg, of Night Owl Cards fame, sent this scan of the 1990 back.  Thanks, Greg.

1990 Louisville Slugger Tag
Orel Hershiser

Now, just one more to go.  Looking for lucky '88.


  1. Mine is from 1990. Scan coming up via email.

    No, you can't have it. You've depressed me enough with this news that there are back variations.

    1. Thanks, Greg. Maybe we can do a Wonder Twins thing and put all the card backs together and create something special. Since I thought of this I get to be Zan.