Friday, May 23, 2014

Steve Searcy

Steve Searcy is from Knoxville.  He attended the University of Tennessee, playing baseball there.  He was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 1985 and started with the Bristol Tigers of the Appy League that same year.

He climbed up the minors, going through Birmingham, Glens Falls, Toledo and then finally making the big leagues in August of 1988.
1989 Score
Steve Searcy (card # 627)

1989 Fleer
Steve Searcy (card # 415)

1990 CMC ProCard Triple A
Steve Searcy (card # 387)

1990 Topps
Steve Searcy (card # 487)

1991 Topps Stadium Club
Steve Searcy (card # 352)
In July of 1991 he was granted free agency and then picked up by the Phillies.   It was with Philadelphia that he got his first winning season (2-1).

1992 O-Pee-Chee
Steve Searcy (card # 599)
In July of 1992 he was traded to the Dodgers where he stayed in AAA.  Later that year he was granted free agency and then picked up by Baltimore.  He finished up his professional baseball career with the AAA Rochester Red Wings.

He currently resides in the Knoxville area and teaches pitching.  Steve will be the featured speaker at the East Tennessee SABR meeting on Saturday.  I'm going to ask him to sign a few cards.

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