Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thoughtful Sox

A few weeks back I had posted about some of the 1971 Topps cards.  Adam, from the Thoughts & Sox blog, said that he had some to send my way.  Send them he did.

I'm only going to show the cards from the first series.  That will save my scanner's gears.  He sent along another 18 cards.

When I see Jim Colborn's name I think of Jame Coburn, especially in The Great Escape.  I know, they're two different guys.
1971 Topps
Jim Colburn (card # 38)

"Do you want to touch my Menke?  Oh, Monkey.  Never mind."
1971 Topps
Denis Menke (card # 130)

Thanks, Adam.


  1. I got them on lista right after it opened as a site. Glad you liked them most people would have been put off by the condition.

  2. Oldies but goodies to be sure! . . . . By the way, I like your blog name. You may already know about it, but there was at least one other previous "ephemera" named blog--a very classy one, at dating back to 2006, though it looks like it was one of those more self-promotional ebay seller blogs. In any case, keep up the good work!