Friday, May 30, 2014

I paid attention

Greg, of Night Owl Cards blog fame, lamented the other day:
The conspiracy was so large back at the beginning stages of Tribe Cards From Outer Space that I didn't even have time to select correctly when the game was starting. I was supposed to pick the players whose cards would go automatically to me. In my case, that would be Dodgers.

But somehow, I missed the window for picking my players. Or I misread the directions. Whatever. Life saw to it that I'd be behind the entire bleeping contest that lasted the entire bleeping season.

When I realized my lapse, I scrambled to recover and choose whatever Dodgers were left.
His missing the window gave me an opportunity to dive right in. I selected a few Dodgers, perhaps thinking that they'd be trade bait some day. Sure, I enjoy a good Dodger, and I got two of them. Here are the cards that David sent me.

Whenever I see Duke Snider in this pose, or Babe Ruth all wound up, I think that I could go to the plate and just push them over.  Feet apart, boys.
2013 Gypsy Queen
Duke Snider (card # 180)
David thought it best to send over about 57 cards of the 1984 Donruss Duke Snider puzzle.  Er, thanks, David.

I would like to have seen Sandy pitch.  I would like to have see the Dodgers manage him a bit better.
2013 Topps
Chasing History insert
Sandy Koufax (card # CH-50)

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter
Sandy Koufax (card # 10)

Moving away from the Dodgers, I selected R.A. Dickey.  Before he was with the Blue Jay and the Mets he was a UT Volunteer.
2012 Bowman
R.A. Dickey (card # 160)

2013 Topps
R.A. Dickey (card # 151)

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter
R.A. Dickey (card # 151)

2013 Gypsy Queen
R.A. Dickey (card # 28)

I guess I also selected some form of presidential / patriotic thing as well.  Side note, Rutherford B. Hayes and I are related.  A bit twisty, but one of my mom's kin married into the Hayes family.  It is not a direct line, but good enough for me.

2008 Topps
Historical Campaign Matchups
Campaign '76 Hayes (card # HCM-1876)

I so want Charles Cotesworth Pinckney to have played ball.  I'd loved to seen him in a uniform.  I think he would have been a catcher.
2006 Topps
United States Constitution
Charles Cotesworthy Pinckney (card # SC-CCP)

So, that's part one of the Tribe Cards from Outer Space haul.  More later.

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