Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sports card finds at the old Antique Mall

In south KnoxVegas there is an antique mall. It is upstairs, over a children's clothing/toy resale shop. It has a mix of stuff. Some $1 DVDs from the Dollar Store that they're selling for $2 each. Old pocket knives. Very scratched albums from the early 1980's. Not very antiquey. I've seen cleaner places.

There were a few booths that had some sports cards. There was an open box of cards. Ten cents each. But the booth had a 30 % off sign. I dug through and pulled out about a dozen cards.

Good looking hockey cards
1993 Classic Four Sport - Chris Pronger #186
1991 Score - Grant Fuhr #114 (English/French edition)
1991 Score - Mike Modano #313 (English/French edition)

Interesting looking baseball cards
1981 Fleer - Dave Chalk #35
1991 Jimmy Dean - Dale Murphy #3 (25 card set)
1992 Jimmy Dean - Jim Abbot #1 (18 card set)
1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies - Vinny Castilla #2 (9 card set)
1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies - Jeff Conine #3 (9 card set)
1993 Jimmy Dean Rookies - Mike Lansing #6 (9 card set)
1993 Fleer Excel - Jorge Posada #112 (Prince William Cannons)
1994 Classic - Jose Paniagua #169 (West Palm Beach Expos)

1992 Proline Portraits - Diana Ditka #23 (has Mike and Diana on the front)
1994 Sports Illustrated Kids - Reggie White #283 (punched)

A glance around the rest of the mall turned up a booth in the back that had some team sets. Since I was raised about an hour south of Montreal, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Expos. 20 cards for a dime. I grabbed all 5 packs of them. Looking around the booth, I found Gene Florence's Baseball Card Price Guide (Fourth Edition). For 25 cents. I don't care about the prices in the guide, but this guide is alphabetized by player. Yes, I can get that info from the internet, but this is nice just to thumb through. Since I think that I'm going to start to focus on 'older' players, this fits the bill nicely. I also picked up a pristine copy of Beckett Baseball, November 1994. This is about the time that I got out of actively collecting. The saddest part of the magazine was reading the show guide. The main show that I attended while living in the western suburbs of Chicago was in Glen Ellyn. The show guide lists them as having a show every weekend that month. Five shows about 3 miles from the condo.

Turning around to leave, I spyed big bricks of cards. 200 Expos for $1. There were also some team guides, both minor and major leagues. I picked up a few. If nothing else, I'll read them and toss them. Or if someone wants them in trade, I can do that, as well.

There were about 100 dupes, so I got a nice start on the Expos team sets. I haven't defined my path, yet, but I might just stick to Topps regular issue for the life of the team. Expos dupes, get them here.

But the big accomplishment of the day was that I actually got a trade out in the mail. Two out, one in this year. Details to follow.

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