Friday, January 30, 2009

Getttin' my trade cred up

Stephen helped me cut my 1989 Topps wantlist in half. Then Jeff offers to send me some. I'm now down to just 28 that I'm looking for.

Now Jeff, out of the kindness of his heart (or pity, I don't know which) doesn't want anything in exchange. I don't really have anything on his want list, so, I'll keep my eyes open and see what I can do. I've already sent Stephen his bunch.

And I just sent some out to Dan. In exchange, I've asked that he continue his fine writing. Little did I know that he was pushing the publish post button on one of the best entries that I've read in quite some time. He's already paid me back.

Last Saturday I sent out a small brick to John in the UK. He sent me some cards that I need to blog about, but I thought I'd wait until he got my brick and was satisfied. Then I thought, "Nah, I'll give a preview."

This is what he sent me, with some more cards tossed in. Later, I'll scan these cards individually and give some commentary.

One of the cards he tossed in was a 1970 Topps Earl Wilson (bilingual). The card is bilingual (English-French), not Mr. Wilson.

On the back of that card it lists his career stats. In 1953 he played for Bisbee-Douglas in the Arizona-Texas league. I graduated from high school in that county. Instant connection. Mind you, I've never heard of Earl Wilson. But he played in the same county as I spent some time growing up.

Which led me to find out some more about the Arizona-Texas league, Warren ballpark and Earl Wilson.

Time to take the plunge. There are only about 15 regular issue cards of his during his playing career. I can get those. Ebay was welcoming me with arms wide open.

I found a 1960 Earl Wilson (graded, even) that caught my eye. So I bid and I won.

I'm now the proud owner of an Earl Wilson rookie card.

Okay, this entry started out to be about trying to show that I'm a reliable trader and you need not do a background check on me to know that you'll get your cards. It evolved into the beginning of two other posts, both of which I want to do, but I already have a few ideas in my head that I'd like to get out before Superbowl Sunday.

As I go out to dinner with my wife and daughter this evening I'll try to focus on them and not composing the next post in my head. Then I'll ask if they want to go to a new (to me) card shop in town.

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